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Andrey (2013-07) by Egor ShkolnikovSTENOGRAFFIA

Stenograffia is an annual international street art and graffiti festival held in Ekaterinburg, Russia.

Campbell's (2011-07) by TKNDSTENOGRAFFIA

Stenograffia appeared in July of 2010.
This was the first street art object of the festival and now this piece of art is an official sight of our city.

Authors — TKND crew from Novosibirsk, Russia.

Smash137 in Yekaterinburg (2010-11) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

Initially, we established a tradition of the festival — for intercultural exchange, we invite foreign participants.
Smash137 from Switzerland and the ECB fom Germany visited Ekaterinburg in 2010.

Crocodile (2011-04) by HeracutSTENOGRAFFIA

In 2011 organizers of Stenograffia invited legendary German artists, the Heracut.
They created a mural on the wall of the orphanage, and organizers of festival created a social movie about this.

2054 (2011-07) by Marina Yagoda and Ivan Yagoda. TKND.STENOGRAFFIA

The second tradition is that Stenograffia always starts on the first weekend of July.
In 2011 more than 150 artists visited Ekaterinburg. As a result we have created the Graffiti Musical.

Simple things (2012-07) by Ludi StenSTENOGRAFFIA

Stenograffia 2012 was full of various thematic platforms like Graffiti for Girls, Young Artists, Graffiti in Russian and Traffaret.

Paper airplane (2013) by Wow123 & CaseSTENOGRAFFIA

Many different and interesting objects were created in 2013, like a graffiti gallery and a graffiti pattern. Also, artists from Germany, Wow123 and Case, participated in the festival.

Graffiti on the stones (2014-07) by 0331CSTENOGRAFFIA

Stenograffia 2014 was full of surprises, among them stone carved glyphs, the mysterious objects by the legendary Sam3 from Spain.

Chaif. Dogs from the outskirts. (2014-11) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

In conclusion, we want to add that today Ekaterinburg is considered the capital of street art in Russia.
We created this music video for the famous Russian rock band Chaif.

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Organizing committee of "Stenograffia"

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