Stenograffia travel to Orenburg, Khanty-Mansiysk, Omsk and Tomsk

Stories and art objects of the festival from the southern city and Siberia


Where we paint

We work with a large number of different cities, which are quite large distances from each other and for each city we create their own special art objects that reflect the history of these places and create a new identity.


Orenburg is the southernmost destination of the festival. Along with the artists, writers and movie directors also took part in the creative process. Take a look!

Einstein-Rosen Bridge (2018-08) by SPEKTR, Andrey Kolokolov, Alexey Tarakin, Daria Melnikova, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Anna Klets, Maxim Parfenov, Taisia Spirina, Anna Sitnikova, and Nikita KolmogorovSTENOGRAFFIA

Einstein – Rosen Bridge. It's an artistic interpretation of the astrophysical concept of a portal between dimensions.

The Museum of Citations. (2017-08) by STENOGRAFFIA TEAM, Alex-T, Pavel Dorofeev / Znag, Aleksey Ivanov, and Lev DanilkinSTENOGRAFFIA

Contemporary Russian writer Alexander Ivanov was the first author to leave his autograph in an open-air Writers' Autograph Museum in Orenburg set up by S—A team.

The Museum of Citations (2017-08) by Alex-T and Lev DanilkinSTENOGRAFFIA

Author Lev Danilkin is placing his autograph on the wall under a quote from his book about the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin.

Read the Lines (2015-08) by Nikita NomerzSTENOGRAFFIA

During our first visit to Orenburg, Nikita Nomerz had created his first artwork in this city.

Depicted is a moment of hands touching tenderly that can unfold in an incredible number of ways. "Touch" is something ephemeral, a sacrament marked by physical activity.

Paper Ship / Orenburg (2016-09) by Maxim ChukinSTENOGRAFFIA

Our little paper boat had sailed from Muravlenko to Orenburg.

Animal Wall (2015) by SPEKTR, Alexander Galeshnikov / Alex-T, and Alexander DergachevSTENOGRAFFIA


A small and cozy city surrounded by vast forest and numerous rivers. At this point our team is working on a series, turning an enormous retaining wall and the central park into an exhibition space.

Enviromental Graffiti (2017-07) by Sergey AkramovSTENOGRAFFIA

Proceeding with the environmental graffiti series from Ekaterinburg; this time the mural is located in a park.

The Dialog (2016-09) by Anton Stork / RayonsSTENOGRAFFIA

This is a dialogue between an artist and environment, city and people who are in the right place at the right time. This mural is located in the same park.

The Owl (2017-07) by Ruslan Sabirov / SabirSTENOGRAFFIA

In the same park, there is now a mural of an endangered species of the eagle-owl. Only 200 birds remain in the area.

The Spirit of Siberia (2016-09) by Damir BozikSTENOGRAFFIA

In this mural, the artist recreated the traditional patterns and everyday objects of the local Mansi people.

The stop on the way (2017-07) by The strong fingerSTENOGRAFFIA

A Stop Along the Way was created by an art crew who travels a lot with S—A team.

Animal wall (2018-07) by SPEKTR, Alexander Galeshnikov, Taisia Spirina, and Alexander DergachevSTENOGRAFFIA

For four years, artists have painted this massive retaining wall, which is located next to the Centre of Arts for the Talented Children of the North.

Stenograffia / Khanty-Mansiysk (2017) by Albert GabsatarovSTENOGRAFFIA

Composition with nine prisms (2017-07) by SPEKTR TEAM, Andrey Kolokolov, Danila Shmelev, Andrey Toporov, Daria Melnikova, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Evgeny Fateev, Dmitry Chabanov, Anna Klets, and Oleg SkvortsovSTENOGRAFFIA


The sunniest city in Russia. For three years Stenograffia has been taking part in the celebration of the day Omsk was founded.

Nautilus (2018-07) by GoozieSTENOGRAFFIA

Nautilus is he oldest mystical mollusk who saw the Paleozoic flora and fauna of our planet. It is still crisscrossing the oceans and full of mysteries.

Manas (2016-07) by ZmogkSTENOGRAFFIA

This mural features Manas, a hero from Kyrgyz epic. The poem was compiled and translated by scholar Choqan Walikhanov; the street is named after him.

Artist (2018-08) by Vasya BasyoSTENOGRAFFIA

Drawing, stylized collage of old newspaper clippings and magazines. The work "Artist" is a work about people of creative professions, street artists, actors.

The hole in the building (2016-08) by Andrey ToporovSTENOGRAFFIA

One of the first murals created by Stenograffia in Omsk. Residents fell in love with this mural, and it became one of the city's landmarks.

The Brachiosaurus (2017-07) by STENOGRAFFIA TEAM and Andrey ToporovSTENOGRAFFIA

Every year our team gladly gives presents to Omsk for the city's birthday.

The Robot (2018-08) by SPEKTR, Andrey Kolokolov, Alexander Guschin, Daria Melnikova, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Maxim Parfenov, Taisia Spirina, Anna Sitnikova, and Nikita KolmogorovSTENOGRAFFIA

We are believe that robots, lasers, unicorns and dinosaurs can save the world! You saw dinosaur and this time we created a kind Giant robot.

Four planes at different angles (2017-09) by SPEKTR TEAM, Andrey Kolokolov, Evgeny Rudykh, Oleg Skvortsov, Konstantin Rakhmanov, Anna Klets, Daria Melnikova, Anna Sitnikova, and Taisiya SpirinaSTENOGRAFFIA


Tomsk is renowned for its traditional wooden architecture. Stenograffia is still new to Tomsk, as this is our first year painting there.

The Siberian Jungle (2017-09) by Danila ShmelevSTENOGRAFFIA

The building was in a poor condition, but the artist and the volunteers repaired and repainted it.

Light of Science (2018-08) by SPEKTR, Andrey Kolokolov, Alexander Guschin, Yaroslav Pidjakov, Evgeny Gorbatov, Taisia Spirina, Oleg Skvotsov, Konstantin Rakhmanov, and Anna KletsSTENOGRAFFIA

"light of science", which on the wall symbolizes the heavenly character. This light superhero passes through windows and doors, winning new spaces from the darkness.

Credits: Story


Anna Klets | Chief Coordinator
Daria Melnikova | Press Secretary

Anastasia Chvyr | Translator
Anastasia Ilina | Translator
Ekaterina Sitnikova | Assistant Coordinator

Evgeny Fateev | Stenograffia Creator
Konstantin Rakhmanov | Stenograffia Supervisor
Andrey Kolokolov | Art Director
Dmitry Chabanov | Executive Director

Alexander Galeshnikov | Artist, Illustrator
Taisia Spirina | Designer, Illustrator
Anna Sitnikova | Designer, Illustrator
Polina Kozinskaya | Designer, Illustrator
Nikita Kolmogorov | Designer
Maxim Parfenov | Designer

Mikhail Kolokolov | Video effects wizard
Vyacheslav Petrov | Programmer
Sergey Malakhov | Commercial Director
Alexander Zinoviev | Strategist
Alexander Parkhomenko | Creative Director
Anna Remizova | Accountant

S—A team wishes to thank guest photographers, video producers and an amazing team of volunteers who made Stenograffia possible.

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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