Stenograffia 2012-2013

street art & graffiti festival

The Mostr (2012-07) by NomerzSTENOGRAFFIA

The Mostr

Stenograffia 2012 was full of various thematic platforms like Graffiti for Girls, Young Artists, Graffiti in Russian and Traffaret. This work was createв by Nikita Nomerz from Nizhny Novgorod.

Stenograffia 2012: The Mostr (2013-03) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

It's not so easy to be a street artist.

Rubik's Cube (2012-07) by Ivan YagodaSTENOGRAFFIA

Rubik's Cube which mixes all races of our planet. Author — Ivan Yagoda from TKND crew, Novosibirsk.

Vitae Viazi (2014-07) by Vitae ViaziSTENOGRAFFIA

Vitae Viazi from Moscow.

Simple things (2012-07) by Ludi StenSTENOGRAFFIA

Simple Things by artists from siberian crew Ludi Sten.

Girl-faun (2012-07) by Marina YagodaSTENOGRAFFIA

Girl-faun by Marina Yagoda.

STENOGRAFFIA Presentation video (2013-06) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

In 2013 Stenograffia was held under the slogan «All you need is wall».

All your walls are belong to us (2013-06-12) by Pokras LampasSTENOGRAFFIA

Graffiti pattern by calligraphist Pokras Lampas. The artist used about 3,000 different tags of graffiti artists from around the world. This object hides a phrase: ALL YOUR WALLS ARE BELONG TO US.

All your walls are belong to us. Light. (2013-07) by Pokras lampasSTENOGRAFFIA

Stone Flower (2013-07) by ZnagSTENOGRAFFIA

Graffiti artist Znag from Ufa (Russia) specializes in 3D lettering.

Stork (2013-07) by Andrey PalvalSTENOGRAFFIA

Stork was painted in the Graffiti Gallery by Adnrey Palval from Kharkov, Ukraine.

Paper airplane (2013) by Wow123 & CaseSTENOGRAFFIA


It not a simple street art object. It is a story, which binds cities. This plane was started by graffiti artists WOW123 and Case from Germany in Ekaterinburg. After that, they painted another set of arms catching this plane in another city not far from Ekaterinburg, Magnitogorsk. 

STENOGRAFFIA | 2013 (2013-08) by Stenograffia festivalSTENOGRAFFIA

Video report about Stenograffia 2013.

Credits: Story

Organizing committee of Stenograffia

Credits: All media
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