No Limit: Borås, Sweden 2015

No Limit Street Art 2015 festival was awarded with the municipality of Borås prize for urban and landscape development and made wonderful additions to the public art of Borås.

By No Limit Street Art Borås

No Limit Street Art Borås, Sweden 2015

Curator: Shai DahanNo Limit Street Art Borås

No Limit Street Art Borås 2015

No Limit Street Art Borås 2015 was awarded with the municipality of Borås prize for urban and landscape development. The award is held every three years and points out good examples of architecture and urban development. 

The motivation of the jury: The No Limit Street Art festival has been such appreciated that the city has decided to keep the pieces for several years to come. With imaginative paintings on the facades the festival adds a stimulating new dimension to the town scape. The pieces of art contributes to a strengthened interest for the public space.

Featured artists 2015: Pichi&Avo, DALeast, Robert Proch, Joe Iurato, Logan Hicks, Laurence Vallierès, Dulk, Curiot, Inti and David Zinn.

Tristan Eaton (2015-09-06) by Tristan EatonNo Limit Street Art Borås

Out of Sight

Tristan Eaton mural for No Limit Street Art Borås 2015 at the gable of Borås Tidning. Tristan included parts from previous pieces in Borås. In the painting you can spot Pinocchio (the sculpture "Walking to Borås", a nine meter high sculpture of Pinocchio by Jim Dine placed just opposite to Tristans wall) and Barbarella (also included in the painting by The London Police for No Limit Borås 2014). 

INTI - "HandLabor" (2015-09-06) by INTINo Limit Street Art Borås

INTI - "HandLabor"

Mural "HandLabor" by Chilean artist Inti for No Limit Street Art Borås. The building with its stuccoed details frames the painting really well and we´re really happy to see a totally new style from Inti unlike anything else we´ve seen from him before No Limit Borås 2015.

Pichi&Avo (2015-09-06) by Pichi&AvoNo Limit Street Art Borås

The creation of the fantastic piece created by the Spanish duo Pichi&Avo for No Limit Street Art Borås 2015.

Boris - Laurence Vallières (2015-09-06) by Laurence VallièresNo Limit Street Art Borås


Cardboard sculpture named "Boris" by Laurence Vallières during No Limit Street Art Borås. The sculpture was originally made in the Orangery in central Borås (during the festival) then moved to it´s permanent placement in the Textile Fashion Center.

Logan Hicks (2015-09-06) by Logan HicksNo Limit Street Art Borås

No Limit Street Art Borås 2015 (2015-09-06) by Different artistsNo Limit Street Art Borås

This is No Limit Street Art. Relive the moments and see the art work emerge.

Curiot - "Chapter 2 - Evening Garden" (2015-09-06) by CuriotNo Limit Street Art Borås

Chapter 2 - Evening Garden

Mural by Curiot for No Limit Street Art Borås 2015. The garden got a deep 3-dimensional feeling harmonizing with the lines of the building. Curiot has used existing patterns in the wall structure in the painting. The pathways in the garden leading up to the mask of Nirak´Thu, Curiot often creates a collection of ficitional characters lead by Nirak'tuh, the sun god.

Fisher boy (2015-09-06) by Joe IuratoNo Limit Street Art Borås

Fisher Boy

Joe Iurato made several pieces during No Limit Street Art Borås 2015. The fisher boy, stencil painting at the bridge foundation in the middle of River Viskan running through Borås. He also installed a lot of stencil sprayed wood cuts, very typical for Iurato, around the city. A perfectionist in the correct sense of the word, considering very thoroughly the exact placement and position of his wood cuts to harmonize with the surroundings.

Robert Proch - Selective Memory (2015-09-06) by Robert ProchNo Limit Street Art Borås

Selective Memory

Polish muralist Robert Proch made this amazing, 3-dimensional mural for No Limit Street Art Borås 2015. Super detailed mural on clean wall with night time illumination makes this piece well worth a visit though it´s a bit outside the main streets in the city center.

Dulk - "Swedish Wildlife" (2015-09-06) by DulkNo Limit Street Art Borås

Swedish Wildlife

Mural by Dulk for No Limit Street Art Borås 2015. With his caracteristic playful fable styl Dulk managed to catch a lot of the Swedish soul. Elks, wolfs and a typical curbits painted "dala" horse is to be found in the piece.

Credits: Story

Curator: Shai Dahan
Project manager: Stina Hallhagen
Photage: Anders Kihl

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Credits: All media
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