The Stunning Stonework of Madrassa al-Jaqmaqia

Discover the geometric designs too cool for a school

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The Madrasa al-Jaqmaqiya in Damascus was built between 1418 and 1420 for the governor Jaqmaq al-Arghunshawiin Damascus. It can be found to the North of the Great Mosque.

Madrasa FountainCyArk

A madrasa is an Islamic religious school that can sometimes have its own mosque or mausoleum as well as teaching space and dormitories for students.    

Madrasa MainhallCyArk

The Madrasa al-Jaqmaqiya is from the Mamluk era, which you can see from the style of its alternating black and white stone (called ablaq) and the mix of floral and geometric designs on its walls.   

Madrasa StainglassCyArk

The Mamluks knew how to use architecture to express their ideas and so the building is also decorated with bands of stone-carved Arabic inscriptions.  

Madrasa TextCyArk

Today, the Madrasa houses a museum of Arabic Calligraphy. Collections of historic stone inscriptions and manuscripts are on display throughout the building.  

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