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From Bordeaux to Bogota, discover the people, places, and processes behind the vine

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Sherry wines and venenciaReal Academia de Gastronomía

What is wine?

Put most simply, wine is an alcoholic drink made by fermenting sugars with yeast. Throughout human history, this elixir has been a common thread between cultures around the world.

Bronze zun (ritual wine vessel) (-1200/-1050)British Museum

Wine History

The history of wine reaches almost as far back as human memory. The basic processes have remained relatively unchanged since humans began recording history, with traditional methods still being used around the world.

Early Wine Vessel, China

The first archeological evidence of winemaking appeared in China, dating from approximately 7000 BC. This bronze zun, a Chinese ritual wine vessel, was made around 1200 BC during the Shang dynasty.

Wine Tasting Tour (24 ‎October ‎2002) by KratzhellerEberbach Monastery

Eberbach Monastery, Germany

Wine has been produced continuously for centuries at Eberbach Monastery. Founded in 1136, the Cistercian abbey is adjacent to massive vineyards and the former hospital building is a wine cellar today. 

Click to explore the Hospital Wine Cellar

Glasses of Awonpa palmwine (2019) by The Centenary ProjectThe Centenary Project

Nigerian Awonpa

This is a Nigerian palm wine called Awonpa. Sap is harvested from palm trees, which then spontaneously ferments due to naturally-occuring yeasts in the air. It can then be distilled to create a stronger drink, known locally as ogogoro.

La Mejorada Winery, Spain

The vineyards and winery at La Mejorada in Valladolid, Spain are also on the site of a former monastery. Click to tour the beautifully restored winery using Street View.

Buko Sake Brewing Company: Comparing the Tastes of Various Sake (2019)Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Buko Shuzo Sake, Japan

Buko Shuzo, a sake brewery in Chichibu, Japan is over 200 years old. Sake is a rice which ferments due to Kōji-kin, a fungus which converts the rice starches into glucose. Yeast then turns the sugars into alcohol.

Estrella Del Norte Winery, America

Estrella Del Norte is an American vineyard and winery located near Santa Fe, New Mexico. Click to walk among the grapes with Street View.

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