Second Decade: The Expansion of the Collection

Celebrating 30 years of art 1982-2012

Ascending Modulation (1977) by Fausto MelottiFondazione De Fornaris

The second decade

Ascending Modulation (1997) by Fausto Melotti was purchased in 1992. The recently restored work has returned to its original copper color.

Portrait of Giuseppe Antonio Petrolini (1802/1804) by Giuseppe MazzolaFondazione De Fornaris

Portrait of Giuseppe Antonio Petrolini, (1802-1804) by Giuseppe Mazzola purchased in 1992

Portrait of Count Luigi Archinto (1817) by Pelagio PalagiFondazione De Fornaris

Portrait of Cont Luigi Archinto, made by Pelagio Palagi in 1817: the sumptuousness of the garments and the elegance of the setting illustrated the power of the sitter's ancient Lombard family

Narcissus (1985) by Luigi StoisaFondazione De Fornaris

The younger generations

As well as works by contemporaries of international renown such as Anselmo, Mainolfi and Parmiggiani, for the first time the Foundation opened its doors to the younger generations. The collection were enriched with paintings and sculptures by artists active in Turin in the 1980s and 1990s.

Vertebrae-Man (1984) by Salvatore AstoreFondazione De Fornaris

Vertebrae-Man, (1984) by Salvatore Astore

Fishes (1995) by Andrea MassaioliFondazione De Fornaris

Fishes, (1995) by Andrea Massaioli

Untitled (1990) by Giovanni AnselmoFondazione De Fornaris

Untitled, (1990) by Giovanni Anselmo

Star of the night (1988) by Claudio ParmiggianiFondazione De Fornaris

Star of the night, (1988) by Claudio Parmiggiani

Madman (1898) by Luigi OnettiFondazione De Fornaris

Madman, (1898) by Luigi Onetti

Sketch for allegory of Fire or Pluto Abducting Proserpine by Francesco GoninFondazione De Fornaris

"Gonin ritrovato"

In 1997 the purchase, at an auction in Paris, of sizeable group of works by Francesco Gonin, from one of the painter's direct heirs. These included sketches for mythological allegories, examples of landscape painting and flower compositions. Many guest from the world of art and society took part in the event of presentation, which was titled "Gonin ritrovato", found again.

Sketch for allegory of Water or the Trumph of Venus by Francesco GoninFondazione De Fornaris

Sketch for Allegory of Water or the Triumph of Venus (s.a.).

Spazzapan the Painter (1931) by Carlo LeviFondazione De Fornaris

Spazzapan the painter,1931 by Carlo Levi

Portrait of Carlo Mollino (1938) by Carlo LeviFondazione De Fornaris

Portrait of Carlo Mollino, (1938) by Carlo Levi

Hunters (1925) by Carlo SocrateFondazione De Fornaris

Carlo Socrate, Hunters (1925)

Woman in the sun (1965) by LeoncilloFondazione De Fornaris

Woman in the Sun, (1965) by Leoncillo
Terracotta with glaze and slip

Alle Forche Caudine (1981) by Luigi MainolfiFondazione De Fornaris

The Fondazione De Fornaris has purchased and set up works made for the open air such of Mainolfi's imposing enamelled terracotta on one of GAM's walls.

The First Mass at Burano (1910) by Angelo MorbelliFondazione De Fornaris

Angelo Morbelli

In December 1999, at a Sotheby's auction in London, the Foundation purchased The First Mass in Burano, an oil on canvas by Angelo Morbelli of 1910. The arrival of this important work, from the Alessandria-born painter's mature period, was the starting point for an exhibition dedicated to him.

The Tortoise and the Eagle (1942) by Salvo (Salvatore Mangione)Fondazione De Fornaris

The years 2000-2001

Between 2000 and 2001 arrived works by Salvo and Gianni Piacentino and others by Enrica Borghi, Giulia Caira, Daniele Galliano and Botto&Bruno. In November 2001 the Foundation took part in the exhibition "La GAM costruisce il futuro. Tre anni di acquisizioni di arte contemporanea", showing its commitment to testify the creativity of the younger generations.

The drummer (1927) by Fillia ( Luigi Colombo)Fondazione De Fornaris

The Drummer, 1927 by Fillia

Abstract Portrait (1929) by Mino RossoFondazione De Fornaris

Abstract Portrait, 1929 by Mino Rosso

My city (2001) by Botto&BrunoFondazione De Fornaris

My City, (2001) by Botto&Bruno

Speculum (1999) by Giulia CairaFondazione De Fornaris

Speculum, (1999) by Giulia Caira
Photographic print

Untitled (2001) by Daniele GallianoFondazione De Fornaris

Untitled, (2001) by Daniele Galliano
Oil on canvas

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