Marco Mengoni’s voice lights up the Palace for a Night

Follow the Italian superstar’s nighttime stroll around Turin’s iconic gem.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - mirrorPalazzo Madama

Introducing Hola by Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama

Palazzo Madama facade by night (1718/1721) by Filippo Juvarra and Ph. Giorgio PerottinoPalazzo Madama

The video, filmed by La Blogothèque in one continuous shot, shows Mengoni interpreting his latest hit in this magnificent monument in Turin.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama by Ph. Giorgio PerottinoPalazzo Madama

Follow him as he embarks on a cinematic tour of the Palazzo by night. Ready?

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - enlighteningPalazzo Madama

The Ballroom

We open up in The Ballroom, which was created between 1927 and 1928 to be the building’s stateroom.

Palazzo Madama - First Floor - the Ballroom (1927/1928) by Carlo CussettiPalazzo Madama

Its tall windows overlook the Piazza Castello and give the space its feeling of grandeur.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - behind the doorPalazzo Madama

As Mengoni walks out of the room, you can see the paintings that decorate the walls.

Evening in the Town Square (c. 1750) by Giacomo Ceruti, called PitocchettoPalazzo Madama

In the first scene, you'll see this Giacomo Ceruti painting, one of the most representative of 18th-century Lombard naturalism. In the work you can see young peasants resting on their way back from the field.

The scene is bathed in the golden light of a vast square with arcades and buildings all around.

When he was still very young, Ceruti started painting portraits and genre scenes with great human engagement, turning his attention to the poor and disadvantaged on the margins of society.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - neonPalazzo Madama

The Senate Hall

The first words of Hola reverberate in the splendid Senate Hall.

Sala Del Senato (Senate Hall)

The Senate Hall was built in 1638-1645. The decorations on the first level, with a large Doric order and personifications of the Savoy provinces, were modelled by Carlo Tantardini and Giovanni Baratta in 1713-1714.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - walkingPalazzo Madama

Above Mengoni’s head, you can admire the majestic painted ceiling.

The ceiling was restored in 1836-1838. In May 1848, the inaugural session of the Senate of the Kingdom was held in this Hall and confirmed the commitment of the House of Savoy to the unification of Italy.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - down the monumental stairPalazzo Madama

The staircase

Now we move onto the sumptuous staircase, where Mengoni’s band is playing under the dim lights filtering through the windows from the piazza outside.... 

The monumental staircase, which is about 12 meters wide and crowned by a barrel vault at a height of more than 20m, was made to a design by architect Filippo Juvarra in just three years, from 1718 to 1721.

Backstage photo of Marco Mengoni at Palazzo Madama - musicians playingPalazzo Madama

All the way down, the viewer crosses paths with the string players. The beauty of the surroundings only adds to the emotion conveyed by the song as it reaches its lyrical end.

“One of the most beautiful staircases in the world”. Written in 1740, these are the words of Charles De Brosses and were joined by a chorus of unreserved admiration expressed by travellers on the Grand Tour, who visited Turin in the 18th century.

Hola - Official Video (LIVE a Palazzo Madama)Palazzo Madama

Watch the full video and let yourself be blown away by Mengoni’s powerful voice as it echoes the Palazzo’s dazzling premises.

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