Decimanía de Puerto Rico

Passing on the tradition of the décima

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The Origins and Trajectory

Decimanía de Puerto Rico, is a non-profit organization created in 2007, which is engaged in multiple projects for the preservation and dissemination of the tradition of the "décima", the trova and the typical music in Puerto Rico.

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It arises as a genuine concern of a group of Puerto Rican troubadours with the purpose of making possible new meritorious spaces for the culturists of the trova tradition in Puerto Rico.

In that direction, through collective efforts, it makes possible a fund of permanent cultural work that allows us to direct projects such as: public events where the people enjoy our expression, new recordings, books and compilations of works, support for research projects, support for children and youth with educational workshops, subsidies for troubadours and musicians in international events, development and design of radio and television programs and exchanges with troubadours from other countries to enrich the tradition.

Decimanía Christmas showFlamboyan Arts Fund

In the course of its development, it has faced many challenges and has initiated multiple activities, projects and achievements to reach tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans who today value and better understand the expression of the "décima" and the typical music.

Motivated by the firm commitment to safeguard these expressions in the oral tradition of Puerto Rico, they formalized this educational-cultural entity that has had many successes in more than a decade of foundation.

They focus their work in three areas: the educational part, the cultural part and the artistic part. Their efforts seeks to contribute to the strengthening of the tradition of the "décima" in Puerto Rico. In addition, the entity has served as a model for related international entities with which it maintains cultural collaboration agreements.

Decimanía has produced more than 500 radio programs in several radio stations in the country, where they spread the work of Puerto Rican troubadours and divulge information about the activities where the tradition is presented.

Decimanía TV Program

They have produced 50 television programs in collaboration with WIPR TV where tradition is the protagonist and where children, young troubadours and musicians participate, becoming the most important television program of this genre.

The organization has also represented dozens of troubadours, musical groups and artists in hundreds of spaces, stages and public and private workshops in Puerto Rico and abroad. They have subsidized dozens of international participations of Puerto Rican artists in Chile, Spain, Canary Islands, Cuba, Mexico, Panama and Colombia.

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They have produced 15 recordings with the participation of more than 150 trova artists in Puerto Rico, and organized the most attended and important event in the tradition of the décima in Puerto Rico, THE TROVA SINGERS WEEK.

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The Trova Singers Week: A yearly major event

The Semana del Trovador particularly stands out among the events  organized by Decimanía. It has been celebrated yearly every October since 2009.

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The first Week of the Trovador was dedicated to the young singer and teacher of the children's trova schools Luis Daniel Colón, and hosted international participants from Canary Islands, Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina.

Decimania ParticipantsFlamboyan Arts Fund

 The event usually includes International Troubadours Encounters, Troubadours Contests, Troubadours Children Congress and other educational activities.

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Awards and Recent Achievements

During several years, their albums have been selected as the best 20 productions in The National Foundation for Popular Culture. Also they have been nominated for The Latin Grammys 2017, with the album Mapeyé en Canarias. 

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