Mujeres de Islas

Working for the integral development of the people of Culebra

Preparing the wall for a mosaicFlamboyan Arts Fund

Mujeres de islas (Islands’ Women) is a women-led organization that promotes the emotional health, cultural, environmental and socioeconomic development of Culebra through programming that is driven by community interests and needs.

Ceramics workshop participantFlamboyan Arts Fund

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide integral training of the residents of Culebra in a way that fosters the sustainable development of this island-municipality.

Our Mission. To identify resources, strengthen initiatives and create projects that contribute to sustainable development through a Culture of Peace and Transformative Education. We seek to impact emotional health, as well as cultural, environmental and socioeconomic development of Culebra.

Ceramics workshop participantFlamboyan Arts Fund

Where Things Happen: Seva at the Old School Building

SEVA is the “Sede de Experiencias Vivas de Aprendizaje”, or Space for Experiences in Live Learning. In SEVA, the people of Culebra can find in one place a variety learning experiences and services provided by different non-profit organizations.

This learning opportunities can be classified as Specialties and Projects.

Specialties include workshops and longer-term courses that provide training and alternative education. These help participants acquire news skills and abilities that foster development and the availability of new services for the community.

The Projects are serving learning opportunities at different businesses or organizations like the Eco-Kit and the Hotel-Classroom.

Mujeres de Islas, women-led organization that promotes the emotional health, cultural, environmental and socioeconomic development of CulebraFlamboyan Arts Fund

Programs and Projects

Mujeres de Islas runs various projects designed to promote sustainability in Culebra. These include Proyecto Siembra, a produce gardening project; a business incubator called Sede Incubadora Solidaria (SIS); and an arts education project called Proyecto Arte Solidario.

PROYECTO DE ARTE SOLIDARIO (PAS) - Solidarity Arts Project

Until 2020, Culebra didn’t have a comprehensive arts education project. Arts appreciation was limited and hampered by not having art museums, galleries or permanent learning programs in the visual arts. Mujeres de Islas believes in the importance of art as a form of self-expression.

For this reason, we understand that for any town, but very particularly for Culebra, it is essential to promote the arts and learning experiences while also training local people so that knowledge stays in the community and becomes sustainable.

Textile dyeing workshop, From the collection of: Flamboyan Arts Fund
Ceramics workshop participant, From the collection of: Flamboyan Arts Fund
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PAS variety of courses includes sculptural ceramics, metalsmithing;  art on wood;  textile dyeing, sewing; recycled material art; mosaic techniques and pottery.

Participants of a mosaic workshopFlamboyan Arts Fund

Faithful to the mission

All the new skills learned by “culebrenses”at the SEVA, SIS and PAS programs provide for socioeconomic sustainability, creation of small businesses, emotional health and for the enrichment of the island’s cultural and community life.

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