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Push the doors of an unclassifiable record label

Alexandre Cazac et Yannick Matray by Erwan Perron et Marine KellerLe Mila

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Alexandre Cazac, Yannick Matray and Sebastien Devaud (artist's name, Agoria), all three already seasoned in the world of music, decide to join forces to set up a label that will defend musical styles that they like but that are not very well represented. 

Mischa Blanos @ Piano DayLe Mila

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In the early 2000s, the music industry was in the midst of a record crisis. With piracy, labels' revenues were dropping and causing many layoffs and bankruptcies in the sector. It was during this period that the trio launched InFiné. Their friends and family thought they were crazy. 

Francesco Tristano - Strings of Life by Francesco Tristano - InFiné MusicLe Mila


The label was first built around the Luxembourg artist Francesco Tristano. This virtuoso pianist and composer, graduate of the famous Juilliard school, mixes his classical training with electro sounds. Their first collaboration, "String of Life", was released in 2006 and officially marked the beginning of the label. 

Building by MilaLe Mila

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At first, the three founders set up the label in parallel with their other professional activities. Yannick Matray heard about Mila from a friend who was also starting a label. In 2010, he moved into one of the 9m2 offices of the Mila with an intern. A year and a half later, Alexandre Cazac joined them and the label rented a second office.

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From the office window, they can see the grocery store on the sidewalk across the street. During the three years they spent in the Mila nerve center, the grocery store had never been open and remained unoccupied. As soon as they learned that these premises could be attached to the Mila, they applied to join it. They moved the offices there some time later. 

Vanessa Wagner @ Piano DayLe Mila

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Since then, InFiné has developed while maintaining this artistic direction. At InFiné, electronic music rubs shoulders with and sometimes mixes with jazz, world music and classical music. 

Rone - Room With A View (Official Music Video)Le Mila

Several factors have contributed to the label's development: the success of the artist Rone, winner of the 2021 César award for Best Original Music for La Nuit venue, the development of streaming and the renewed enthusiasm of consumers for vinyl records.

InFiné Workshop 2011 @ Normandoux - Rehearsals & Interview by InFiné MusicLe Mila


Artists development is at the heart of the activity. For example, for 6 years they have been organizing meetings between artists from the label and even from elsewhere. The idea is to meet in a place conducive to exchange and creation. These workshops are at the origin of several albums and beautiful meetings

InFiné10 : The Documentary (2020) by Louis Muller & Pierre AdamczykLe Mila

Discover more in this documentary about the first 10 years of the label

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