Le MILA, the heart of la Rue de la Musique.

The history of an incubator for independent music businesses

Journée de la femme 2018 : Les entrepreneuses du MILA by ?Le Mila

Located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, the Blémont-Messager district is more commonly called Rue de la Musique by connoisseurs. This nickname comes from the presence of about thirty independent musical. In total 130 independent music businesses have at one point settled in the area thanks to Mila.

The neighborhood by KopetoLe Mila

At the end of the 90s, Enrico Della Rosa was the general manager of the Victoires de la musique (French music awards). It was at this time that he heard about business incubators from a senator with whom he had worked on the development of independent radio stations.

L'enseigne MILA by Enzo BiasizzoLe Mila

He had the idea of applying the model to the music industry, to support independent labels. The idea took shape during a conversation with Laurence Goldgrab, who specialized in the defense of independent artists and labels, and was deputy mayor of the 18th district of Paris.

Visite de la Rue de la Musique avec Anne Hidalgo, maire de ParisLe Mila

On her end, she wished to revive the economic activity of a neighborhood of the 18th, deserted by the tradesmen. Together they visited an old  convenience store. Once renovated, it is here that Mila opened its doors in 2005.

Avant le MILA : La 1ère épicerie en libre service de France, en 1948 by ?Le Mila

The 290m2 premises in the Blémont-Messager district still bears the Goulet-Turpin sign, which recalls a commercial revolution: the opening of the very first self-service store in France on 6 July 1948.

MatmatahLe Mila

The district is perfect for the project. It is famous for its artists and its concert halls and shows. Several major players are already established there; the record company EMI ...

Game: count the brands by KopetoLe Mila

but also recording studios like the legendary CBE. The story goes that the French singer Joe Dassin used to come and buy his croissants at the bakery that is now the headquarters of Record Makers.

Team Gigs Production (2020) by KopetoLe Mila

The Mila, "Marché Indépendant des Labels" allows independent players of the music industry to integrate old abandoned stores for a low rent and hosts small businesses in its main building thanks to the support of the Mayor of Paris and Paris Habitat.  

Grunt Tour 5 by Collectif GrüntLe Mila

Initially exclusively for producers and labels, the association changed its status in 2016 to be able to welcome other players in the music industry: bookers, publishers, artist managers, music media etc.

Le graffeur des Kapseurs de l'assos AFEV et les enfants décorent le rideau du Milab ! by MilaLe Mila

Thanks to Mila, music companies have set up their offices in the neighborhood's shops. The association organizes thematic meetings once a month, expert consultations and creates links between labels and artists' managers. 

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