Street Art Museum Amsterdam 2017

This year our radical museum went on holidays. We had adventures, initiated happenings, played with Pandas and Tigers, wrote love letter to Keith Haring and experimented with the first residency idea. 

ExitEnter 2017 Music reflectionStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

ExitEnter is an upcoming artist from Florence, Italy. It was an honour to host him to explore how Graffiti and Street Art survive in the cities where every brick is protected as Unesco heritage.

ExitEnter 2017 Music blue sky, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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ExitEnter 2017 Music TourStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

This summer we hosted over 20 schools = ±1,000 students who laughed and fell in love with our glamorous but outcasted neighbourhood. They came from more than 7 countries. We are proud to share our space and art.

ExitEnter 2017 Music kids playingStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

ExitEnter created a mural in collaboration with local youths who chose the theme MUSIC. They explained that graffiti would not work on this playground, but lyrical art would. We see the shift!

ExitEnter 2017 Hide:Seek 1Street Art Museum Amsterdam

HIDE/SEEK is a game we created together with ExitEnter as part of his residency. There are 15 characters in the city and if you find all of them - you get a free museum card valid for 1 year! Ready? Go!

ExitEnter 2017 Hide:Seek FlowerStreet Art Museum Amsterdam


ExitEnter 2017 7 Days in Detail SAMAStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

7 DAYS IN DETAILS is an extraordinary effort of some 80 hours of ingenuity by ExitEnter using only black ink, a bag of tea and 2 brushes. We are working on VR solution to preserve this wonder journey.

ExitEnter 2017 7 Days in Detail MonstersStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

ExitEnter 2017 7 Days in Detail HelicoptersStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

When Sotheby's Business Art school student descended on SAMA for the third year in a row, they declared this artwork is a true art, for it was wild, mad, honest and funny. We agree!

ExitEnter 2017 7 Days in Detail detail 1Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Penises, Flying Virgins, Avocado Breasts, Shit and Flies all come together as an eloquent extravaganza of improvised jazz tune that last at least 7 days. Every day we find a new detail! Adventure!

Hopnn 2017 NDSM paste upStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

HOPNN is inspired by Soviet Propaganda Style, and spells his name in Cyrillic as YURI. However, being pure Toscanian, he loves nature, bikes, painting and wheat paste. We did a lot in 3 days!

Hopnn 2017 Cylcing Family muralStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Last minute addition by HOPNN on a main square of our area Pl. 40-45. Hand painted with brushes and sprays, the family are happily cycling through the greens of Nieuw-West, the undiscovered district.

Hopnn 2017 Kissing FishStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Kissing Fish is a classic representation of HOPNN art: thin papirus, wheat paste, mix media - spray, brush, stencil - all goes - eco world meets the bikes agains pollution, oil and metal.

Hopnn 2017 FaceStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

What I like about this image is that it combines the Wild West Amsterdam - bikes, paste ups, looney characters with balloons, notorious ILL graffiti - todos totaal!

Hopnn 2017 Face 2Street Art Museum Amsterdam

Let the World be the Judge.

Hopnn 2017 OctopusStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

HOPNN's Octopus is swallowing a car in order to give space for bicycle. A recurring theme in this activist's work.

ORTICANOODLES 2017 6000 strokes with 6000 led lightsStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

6000 Strokes handpainted by ORTICANOODLES mirrors the 6000 LED lights. Together craft and technology illuminate the new square that connects Visitors and Residents of SPOT Community in Schiphol.

ORTICANOODLES 2017 6000 Strokes finished squareStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

The artwork is painted using acrylic because "we work primarily with the technique of dusting dating back to 1500, we prefer to work with brushes because it's much more relaxing and less toxic sprays"

ORTICANOODLES 2017 6000 Strokes before renovationStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

ORTICANOODLES are pioneers because "My job as a teacher blends perfectly with the role of "social artist", moreover, each of us is the the sum of own experiences!" thus every artwork is an explosion.

ORTICANOODLES 2017 6000 Strokes close upStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Master's of contrast, professors of colour and light, alchemists of the freestyle process - only ORTICANOODLES and their crew could pull of such a difficult corporate project. We did it with a smile!

ORTICANOODLES 2017 6000 Strokes kalaStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

"Calla lily is a symbol of elegance" which perfectly represents the connection between new HILTON building and exquisite THE BASE.

ORTICANOODLES 2017 6000 Strokes kala close upStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

The other flowers used in composition are
- Magnolia as a symbol of dignity and perseverance
- Rose as symbol of love
for SPOT community and all those who made this possible!

MOSTE 2017 Crocodile playground panoramaStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

MOSTE fell out of the sky owing to APC connection in Mexico. This prolific and undiscovered artist was in between MEXTONIA festival & Rizoma Gallery in Falköping residency around skateboard culture.

MOSTE2017 Crocodile & Wolf CrocodileStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

We had to do something! So we started with leftover cans and a graffitied playground.

MOSTE 2017 Crocodile night reflectionStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

It turned out beautifully! And as our muse KENOR says "Action. Reaction. And total repeat." Our action provoked a reaction and a week later we received a new request from the local pensioners.

MOSTE 2017 Sunflowers close up wipStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

MOSTE was asked to turn 4 beton blocks that prevent the cars from driving into playground into Sunflower Beds. Not an easy task in the rain, especially when ex-teachers over 65 have a precise vision!

Moste 2017 Sunflowers nightStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

MOSTE skillfully selected the colours after studying the area for almost 3 nights in different weather conditions. The result is a breathtaking combination of old, new, organic, nuon, imaginary.

MOSTE 2017 Sunflowers night reflectionStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Mirage perhaps? Day or night Sunflowers are dancing and became a 'hang out' spot, where people of all ages and cultures feel comfortable to "park" and look at a big water.

JDLstreetart 2017 Tiger Eye WWFStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

An unusual commission, but if it was not for the TIGER or WWF... JDLStreetArt is an upcoming 22 year old artist. She is prolific, smart and fast. She's got skills and ambition. She was perfect!.

Eye of a Tiger (2017-07-29) by JDL Street ArtStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

JDLStreetArt had to deal with many limitations, so we designed the process together. Special THANK YOU to who donated space, food and beer to prepare the canvas for the live performance.

JDLstreetart 2017 Tiger Eye WWF leidseplein life actionStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Performance was a success. More than 10K people watched little Judith to conquer the giant eye of the Tiger. The canvas has been donated to WWF Nederlands and we are looking forward to seeing it soon.

JDLstreetart 2017 Tiger Eye WWF pride crewStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

It was not surprise our energy attracted all kinds of tigers from Pride Amsterdam.

NOL 2017 WWW workshop PandaStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Success triggers success. And when we got a call from WWF Family Club Netherlands to put up a happening in Rhenen Animal Park to celebrate arrival of 2 Pandas, we knew that NOL was our man!

NOL 2017 WWF Workshop girlStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

NOL art's natural playfulness inspired by the creatures of the forests resonates with the spirit of the child's imagination. NOL's energy has obviously inspired little miss Pinkies :)

MOSTE 2017 NDSM Monster BlueStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

And then MOSTE came back from Sweden, and we went on HOLIDAYS. For a graffitero from Mexico in Europe this means = I paint every day every where. Dot. So we went to NDSM before it goes all commercial.

MOSTE 2017 Paste ups and localsStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Massive part of street art culture is Paste Up, so MOSTE decided to spend his time painting in SAMA HQ Gallery whilst hanging out with our locals. Result - a bunch of characters set to travel!

MOSTE 2017 Transgender LionStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Tans-gender Lion stayed in Slotermeer. Our present to #PINKNIEUWWEST

MOSTE 2017 Rat for Rotterdam onsiteStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Rat went to Rotterdam.

MOSTE 2017 Rat for Rotterdam oxie alienskiStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Whilst running a scorecard with hospitable Annick from Schiphol SPOT community, somewhere half way through, we decided that Oxie Alienski's mural was a perfect place to plug in. Everybody's welcome!

MOSTE 2017 Red Parrot street signStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

RED PARROT went to Leiden, the oldest university in Northern Europe, the place where Mayflower and New York was conceived. Where Freud comforted Mahler and Rembrandt learned to paint, where Xenia is.

MOSTE 2017 Hippie from HellStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Hippie from Hell helped SAMA find its lipstick this summer :) Therefore we kept him in our private hidden collection that only the die-hards of Amsterdam Street Art know. Dare to track it?

MOSTE 2017 Hippie from Hell detailStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Many pop-artists stepped out of 'craft' towards commercial or pure art. However, at SAMA we believe that graffiti and street art are bringing back CRAFT into Focus. It is all about the skill.

MOSTE 2017 ADM TaggingStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Graffiti is not Graffiti if you don't do it because you can :) So when in the dying ADM, the most fantastic place in Amsterdam that there was, we have to do a Picasso #MOSTE #FREESTYLE #SAMA #TAGGING

MOSTE 2017 Tagging wojoStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

and #WHYNOT, to quote the greatest philosopher of our times #GogolBordello ? :)

MOSTE 2017 Pinky Bandita TagStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

The big green loan in front of a monumental architectural wonder called #PARKRAND is the local dogs toilet. Pinky is one of the oldest dogs on a block, so we marked her territory as #STINKFISH says.

Monsters of the Sea, MOSTE, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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Northern Monster, MOSTE, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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NDSM is still a place to paint free style without getting arrested. That's where monsters go :)

MOSTE on holidays, MOSTE, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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The wall of fame

Everybody's Welcome, MOSTE, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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Nothing like a cosy feeling in a middle of industrial terrain.

Moste 2017 Mosquito on HollidaysStreet Art Museum Amsterdam invited us and #MICKLAROCK to talk about street art as a hood's branding tools. We watched movies, talked, drank beer. I saw the spot and I knew we could PAINT THERE. A LOT. So we did.

MOSTE 2017 Mosquito on Holidays yellow tshirtStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Mosquito on Holiday is a tribute to all the Kraak, Punk and Alternative places MOSTE visited during his stay with SAMA. provide amazing facilities including basketball and bikes, & beer.

MOSTE 2017 Dragon Kiss close upStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Kiss of the Dragon signifies good and bad days in our daily existence, our ability to deal with those emotions and anxieties, or will to transform or succumb. You vs Dragon, Go! :) #MOSTE

Moste 2017 Happy DudeStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

MOSTE wanted to paint with kids so organized the workshop on a Sunday. Show off - Contour - Let them Go Nuts - Contour - Show off :) Go nuts together! We got the Formular!

MOSTE 2017 Happy Dude kids paintingStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Go Nuts!

Ledania 2017 Gender FreeStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Magestic LEDANIA has finally made it to Amsterdam. It was a family vacation, and we could not think of a better place to paint than with our friends at Jazz, slow vibes, love, family.

Team Blazin 2017 The Future of Art Rests on Our ShouldersStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Keith Haring Foundation NYC and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam organise a Summer School. This year emphasis were on activism, and as the only street art crew busy with that, we were invited. TEAMBLAZIN.

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Moste SymbolismStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

From Keith Haring quote to dynamic happening of calligraffiti, city mapping, symbolism exploration with #MOSTE #TEAMBLAZIN #EARWORM

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Moste Symbolism filling in the wallStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Girls just want to have fun

Given the space, the time and the opportunity, the 15-19 year olds relaxed to the point where ....

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Symbolism_birth placeStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

"I did that" giggled the 17 year old daughter of Indonesian activists on a train. She wrote us an email asking for a chance to help and before she knew it she was doing a workshop for WWF for a cause.

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Moste Symbolism DickFishStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

If I ever have a tattoo this will be it! Ditto.

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Moste Symbolism DickButtStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

I know that Keith Haring is proud of this intake organised by his foundation. Because creativity went beyond stereotypes and created energy that charges everyone who looks at this wall. Rock on!

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Moste Symbolism Looney with a DonutStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Keith Haring to all of us, at the end of the experience, was not only about painting or activism, but an exotic mutation of both in a most kind, sweet, looney sort of way.

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 Moste Symbolism Wall DetailStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Zoom in and make your own giggles.

Keith Haring Summer School 2017 collaborative artworkStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

Collaboration is part of any process that makes a team. So we played with that too.

ExpVoskhod in Amsterdam NDSM, ExpVoshkod, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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We can party but we have to be quiet. Amsterdam's identity crisis is overwhelming and SAMA are always excited to find a stage for collaborative all-around artists like ExpVoshkod from Moscow, Russia.

Live at Rijksmuseum, ExpVoshkod, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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From Museum Square and Rijksmuseum to the oldest squat Vrankrijk the crew of ExpVoshkod had seen it all in Amsterdam.

ExpVoshkod walking the way, ExpVoshkod, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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It's not fun unless you are naughty and naughty is what naughty does.

Deer Moose, ExpVoshkod, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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The latest addition to SAMA's collection a gift in return for hospitality from the crew of @ExpVoshkod

How the art is born, ExpVoshkod, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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How long does it take to find a spot?
How long does it take to come up with an idea?
How long does it take to paint it?
In some cases, just 2 hours :)

ExpVoshkod Live Painting, ExpVoshkod, From the collection of: Street Art Museum Amsterdam
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or is it?

Sandrine Boulet - MOSTE 2017 LipstifiedStreet Art Museum Amsterdam

MOSTE met Sandrine Boulet on a dusky evening stroll through the green belts, the legacy of Mondrian, Bauhaus and Van Eesteren, and decided to lipstick-fy-her!

To be continued....

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