#Periferici is a survey of the territory of Mazara del Vallo through the places of memory and mystery: the periphery.

Periferici by PerifericaPeriferica


#Periferici is a survey of the territory of Mazara del Vallo through the places of memory and mystery: the periphery. #Peripherics is a mapping of places and people.Is there a place in your childhood that you would like to tell?What would you like in your neighborhood?We asked thirty people to choose a place to talk about them, and how they live their city.From them memories, ideas, reports, proposals.We then built a map to get an overview.

Giulio tells cimitero by PerifericaPeriferica

Second-generation beekeeper Giulio Vitale has his laboratory in a quarry near the cemetery.
Imagine that these places become the center of new dynamics of development related to craftsmanship.

Bruno tells Piazzale Italia by PerifericaPeriferica

Bruno De Santi tells us Largo Italia, a large empty space that lends itself, in the imagination, to many diversified functions, necessary in a city where green spaces are absent.

Paola tells mouth of the Delia river by PerifericaPeriferica

Paola Galuffo tells us about Bocca Arena, the mouth of the Delia river. First clear place where it was possible to bathe, today it is not swimmable due to spills.

Tiziana tells of the Mazaro river by PerifericaPeriferica

Tiziana Giacalone has always been committed to protecting the environment and tells us about the Mazaro River. A fundamental place for economic development linked to fishing, today necessary for dredging.

Giulia tells Parco Giochi by PerifericaPeriferica

Giulia Bonanno, architect, tells us about the only playground in the city. A small, poorly managed space that fails to meet the needs of all children.

Giulia tells Scuola Elementare S. Gemma by PerifericaPeriferica

Giulia Romagnosi tells us about an empty space adjacent to the Santa Gemma Elementary School. A school that, like many in the city, has little green space to entertain children. This could be a solution for you.

Giulia tells Piazzale Europa by PerifericaPeriferica

Giulia Gancitano tells us about Piazzale Europa. An empty space between social housing that could be a meeting place for an entire neighborhood. Given the proximity of a middle school could be a solution.

Peppe tells the parish of Sant'Antonio by PerifericaPeriferica

Peppe Pipitone tells us about the Church of Sant'Antonio present in Mazara Due. Peripheral site constitutes an entire detached core of the city from which it is completely isolated due to the absence of public transport

Roberta tells Via Potenza by PerifericaPeriferica

Roberta Ragonese, architect, tells us about her neighborhood. Via Potenza is home to a complex of social housing. Despite being inside the city it lives on a certain marginality due to the little care it has received so far.

Alberto tells Corso Vittorio Veneto by PerifericaPeriferica

Alberto Grammatico, Designer, tells us about the place where he lives. Corso Vittorio Veneto, fully in the city center, has some shortcomings. According to him there are no meeting places and the people who live there do not enter into communication.

Giovanni tells Tonnarella by PerifericaPeriferica

Giovanni Ianuzzo tells us about Tonnarella. Seaside resort famous for its white sand, poured in disastrous conditions for years. In winter it remains totally uninhabited and the summer lacks meeting places other than the beaches on the beach, which close in the evening.

Nadia tells flyover by PerifericaPeriferica

Nadia Burzotta tells us about the construction of the flyover. Work conceived twenty years ago and remained blocked for decades today finds the light again. But the needs have changed. In fact, it had to be used to connect State Road 115 with the Port at a time when the city was central to fishing. Today the crisis in the sector makes this work almost nourishing.

Michele tells Lungomare by PerifericaPeriferica

Michele Mandira tells us about the Lungomare San Vito. A beautiful waterfront does not host meeting places to be able to live it properly.

Sergio tells about the Gorghi Tondi - nature reserve by PerifericaPeriferica

Sergio Diodato tells us about the Gorghi Tondi, an important natural reserve for the quantity of flora and fauna that lives there. This place could be the destination of an attentive and curious traveler but remains isolated due to the absence of means of transport.

Clara tells Mercato Rionale by PerifericaPeriferica

Clara Burzotta tells us about the local market that brings thousands of people to the Macello neighborhood every Wednesday. This place could be home to many other activities besides the Market.

Leila tells Fiume Mazaro by PerifericaPeriferica

Leila Hannachi opens us up to the Mazzaro River, its power smothered by neglect. A dredging is now necessary to guarantee the life of the river and all the activities related to it.

Francesco tells Quarara by PerifericaPeriferica

Francesco Calabrese tells us Quarara, part of the rocky coast of the city. Magnificent place has been abandoned for years to incivility. In its coves there are waste of all sorts

Anita tells old hospital by PerifericaPeriferica

Anita Galuffo tells us about the time when the city remained without a hospital and there were many doubts about its reconstruction. Today the hospital has been rebuilt and upgraded.

Marco tells fruit market by PerifericaPeriferica

Marco Marrone tells us about the Fruit Market. A market that could be home to venues that put good food first. Its proximity to the municipal stadium could be the key to new development.

Vittorio tells "La Scinnuta" by PerifericaPeriferica

Vittorio Di Stefano tells us "La scinnuta" a place inside the city hidden from view. lends itself to being a space for activities and meetings.

Francesco tells Casbah by PerifericaPeriferica

Francesco Messina tells us about the Casbah. The Periphery is not necessarily a physical place. The Casbah, despite being at the center of the city and the site of the first settlement, today lives in a context of marginality.

Alessia tells Mazara Due by PerifericaPeriferica

Alessia Amabilino tells us about Mazara Due and the detachment that this complex of social housing lives from the rest of the city. The absence of the minimum services required such as a pharmacy, a supermarket, a stationery store is a real problem.

Vincenzo tells of Capofeto - nature reserve by PerifericaPeriferica

Vincenzo Cancemi tells us about Capo Feto. Natural reserve undisputed victim of lack of care. It houses important species that over the years arrive less and less.

Marta tells Piazza Iman Al Mazari by PerifericaPeriferica

Marta Gayczak tells us about the Piazza Imam Al Mazarì. After the renovation, the second Marta square ceased to be a meeting place. Its conformation does not respect people's habits.

Francesco tells lungomare by PerifericaPeriferica

Francesco Di Giorgi tells us about the Lungomare Hopps. An incredible widening that reaches the sea and is left to itself. A place of unquestioned potential but which does not host anything.

Adriano tells of Miragliano by PerifericaPeriferica

Adriano Parisi tells us Miragliano. A place rich in vegetation where the Mazaro River passes. Once people used to come here to spend holidays like Easter Monday or May Day. Today it is no longer able to attract and it would be nice to restore that tradition.

Silvio tells Porto Nuovo by PerifericaPeriferica

Silvio Davì Colaci tells us about the New Port. It was home to one of the most important fishing fleets in Europe, today it is experiencing a moment of considerable crisis.

Battista tells Piazzale G.B. Quinci by PerifericaPeriferica

Giovan Battista Trinca tells us about the Piazzale Giovan Battista Quinci. A clearing near the river that could be home to concerts, fairs, river views.

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