Songs About Satay and Jams About Jamu

Tune in to legendary musicals about variety of Indonesian food

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1. Satay by P. Ramlee

Satay skewers has been a legendary dish of Indonesia and it is also popular in the South East Asia region. Traditionally satay would be sold in the evening on a wheeled cart and the seller would offer the food by singing "Saate... saaate.." 

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2. Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng by Wieteke van Dort

Translated as "Give Me Nasi Goreng" is an homage to the tradition of Nasi Goreng that has been popular for hundred of years in Indonesia and beyond. The music was written by a Dutch singer, who did a rendition in Dutch with Keroncong style.

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3. Tahu Tempe by Oslan Husein

Literally translated as Tofu Tempeh is a song about the joy of Tofu Tempeh as daily food for Indonesian. The song was written by singer actor Oslan Husein who popularised Kampuang Nan Jauh di Mato and Lebaran.

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4. Lumpia vs Bakpia by P-Project

This fun rendition on Indonesian snacks, Lumpia (or widely known as fried spring roll) and Bakpia (a sweet cake made of mung beans and thin layer of pastry) captures a glimpse of street food culture in Indonesia.

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5. Suwe Ora Djamu by Waldjinah

As a millennia tradition of herbal drink of Jamu, this song was rendered by a legendary Indonesian singer Waldjinah. 

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