Do Your Own Thing

Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts organisation that believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities. Explore how the 'Do Your Own Thing' sessions engaged young people in The Way I See It.

Knitting (2020-05-01) by Do Your Own Thing RadioArts Council England

Covid-19 had a big impact on Heart n Soul's Do Your Own Thing project, especially as people with learning disabilities are more vulnerable to the impacts of coronavirus. But the lockdown didn't not stop their creativity and they took the project online!

Jamming in the world of music (2020-07-01) by BaffourArts Council England

Do Your Own Thing gave young people aged 10-25 with learning disabilities the chance to take part in a range of activities. From music to visual arts, radio to DJing, digital art to dance.

Flowers in Spots My Idea in Lockdown (2020-08-01) by EllaArts Council England

Digital Do Your Own Thing created a space for young people to take part in activities and connect with each other at home. They worked with musicians to explore new music technology and create new tracks whilst working out how to collaborate with each other online. Heart n Soul also continued to use radio as a way for young people to express how they felt.

Danielle, Ella, Arial, Alicia, Ehima, Samir, Jared and Sam used visual art as a way to reflect on lockdown. They were each supplied with a pack of artist materials, delivered by Do Your Own Thing facilitator Hannah Mason.

The artists met on Zoom to discuss what everyone had been doing in lockdown, show each other their artwork, listen to music and create art together. Explore some of the themes that came out of the project below.  

Samir's Mum (2020-08-01) by SamirArts Council England

Friendship was a key theme for young people's creations. This artwork is called Spending time with family and was created by Samir.

Samir's Dad (2020-08-01) by SamirArts Council England

What Would Lockdown Be Like In The Snow With My Cat (2020-08-01) by EllaArts Council England

Young people also explored friendship of both the animal and human kind like Ella's artwork, What would lockdown be like in the snow with my cat?

The Family (2020-08-01) by DanielleArts Council England

Young people also documented the importance of their family like Danielle's work called The Family.  

Hannah more pens (2020-08-01) by SamuelArts Council England

Samuel also created artwork based around his family in this artwork called, Hannah more pens.

Olof and Elsa Frozen 2013 2019 (2020-08-01) by SamuelArts Council England

Young people's artwork also depicted how watching TV and films was a great way to avoid boredom like this artwork called Olaf and Elsa by Samuel.

Fireman Sam (2020-08-01) by SamuelArts Council England

Samuel also created this artwork called Fireman Sam.

Flowers in Patterns that I have seen in Lockdown (2020-08-01) by EllaArts Council England

Some artists expressed how important nature was in lockdown, particularly beautiful flowers like Ella's artwork, Flowers in patterns I have seen. 

Garden (2020-08-01) by SamuelArts Council England

Samuel's artwork, Garden is another reflection of the positive impact of being outside in nature.

Flowers I have Seen in Lockdown big (2020-08-01) by EllaArts Council England

And Ella's artwork, Flowers I have seen over lockdown, captures all the beautiful colours and shapes of flowers.

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Heart n Soul
Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company and charity based in South East London. We believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible. We also have a lot of fun!
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