Reimagine Lockdown

Explore how young people creatively photographed themselves in their unique lockdown environments. The challenge was set by Dancefest and dance artist Mark Anderson of infuseDANCE.

Lockdown Moments (2020-05-06) by CoralieArts Council England

How can your kitchen, bathtub, or bed be reimagined?

Dancefest asked young people to think about ways they could be creative in the spaces they occupied for lockdown.

Coralie used her bath as a stage, holding a pose within its four walls.  

Reimagine Lockdown (2020-03-22) by ZachArts Council England

“I reimagined how my room could be used now that our lives have all been turned upside down.”

Billie (2020-08-04) by BillieArts Council England

Billie, of Flexus Dance Collective, used a mirror to creatively photograph her pose, which responds to her staircase and rail. 

Reimagine Lockdown (2020-05-15) by ScottArts Council England


Scott, who is part of Flexus Dance Collective, took to his Piano to creatively utilize his space, adopting a pose which is simultaneously still and dynamic.     

Together (2020-04-29) by Kevin, Clare, Danny, Jessie and RubyArts Council England

For many of us, staying at home over lockdown meant spending more time with family – which sometimes made rooms feel more cramped than normal!   

“We were looking for places in our house that we could use in a different way, we tried lots of ideas with one person in the doorway and then decided it would be fun to try and get us all in the doorway.” 
Kevin, Clare, Danny, Jessie, Ruby

Leap (2020-05-24) by DannyArts Council England

To break up the day, some of us ventured outdoors to enjoy daily walks or even to play in the garden. These outdoor spaces provided inspiration to many young people taking part in the challenge, documenting themselves as they jump, bounce and stretch into the sky!   

“We took lots of walks during lockdown with the dog and we discovered new places to go, leaping as we went!”

Reimagine Lockdown (2020-05-13) by CodyArts Council England

“Taking a look at photos online, I noticed that the use of water effects within the picture look extremely attractive and draw the eye, so I played around with interpreting water within the photo and finally found one that stood out!” 
Cody Elston , Flexus Dance Collective  

Upside down world (2020-05-01) by Lily and NicoleArts Council England

Nicole's cartwheel also reflects "the world running upside down."

Run Free (2020-05-01) by Lily and FreddieArts Council England

Freddie's photograph demonstrates freedom: being able to run, leap and explore on daily walks.

Out of Milk!! I'm popping to the shops (2020-05-01) by Eric and NicoleArts Council England

Nicole took this snap of her dad, while they experimented finding safe ways to travel. 
Rather appropriately, Nicole has titled the piece: "Out of Milk! Off to the shops".

Rainbow (2020-05-02) by MatildaArts Council England

Matilda’s inspiration was the amazing rainbows that could be frequently seen in the windows to peoples’ home. 
Her mum noted that “Tilly wanted to create her own moving rainbow.”  

Her giant leap into the air creates exactly that!

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Dancefest uses the power and joy of dancing to enhance people's lives, enabling everyone to take part in, be inspired by, and express themselves through dance. 

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