Family Time

Lockdown gave some children and young people an opportunity to spend quality time with their families. Explore the artwork that captures this — expressing who these young artists are and where they come from.

The Family (2020-08-01) by DanielleArts Council England

The Family

Danielle, an artist from Heart n Soul’s Do Your Own Thing, drew a portrait of her family during lockdown. Do Your Own Thing is a creative group for young people with learning disabilities. The group offers young people the chance to take part in music, dance, radio DJing and digital arts, and helped them stay connected to each other during the pandemic. 

Thirteenth Birthday (2020-08-28) by JackArts Council England

Company Three's One Minute in the Middle of a Pandemic captured the everyday lives of children and young people during the pandemic. Here we see how fun and games with friends and family carried on both in person and virtually during lockdown. Jack created this video to share how he celebrated his birthday during lockdown and what his birthday meant to him this year.

George and Grandpa (2020-06-09) by GeorgeArts Council England

George created an artwork about looking after his Grandpa when he was in hospital and making a new friend, Stephen, along the way. 

“I visited my Grandpa almost everyday when he was in hospital and read stories to him. My Grandpa shared a room with a man called Stephen. Stephen had no friends or family to visit him, so I decided I should be his friend. I made sure he was OK and we played lots of games. I still visited Stephen in hospital after my Grandpa was well enough to come home.” 

This piece was created for Tees Valley Museums’ Museum of Kindness project.  

Being Kind To Mum (2020-07-15) by AbigailArts Council England

Abigail describes how lockdown changed how she interacted with members of her family.
“Every night I wash the dinner dishes for my mum. She doesn't ask me to do it but I like to and I want to. I enjoy making lots of bubbles and making the plates squeaky clean but the best bit about it is that I make my mum happy!”

This piece was created for Tees Valley Museums' Museum of Kindness project and is presented here as part of Arts Council England's The Way I See It project. 

Dylan's Planet (2020-08-28) by DylanArts Council England

Dylan created a mockumentary about his family and how they spent their time together during lockdown.

Sandra Samir's Aunt (2020-08-01) by SamirArts Council England

Samir created lots of portraits of his family during lockdown. Samir is an artist, musician, performer and dancer who took part in Heart n Soul's Do Your Own Thing. 

Johanna Samir's Aunt for Africa (2020-08-01) by SamirArts Council England

The Zopera (2020-08-06) by Written and composed in collaboration by Anna, Joanna, Rianna and Scarlett - Cambridge Youth OperaArts Council England

Young artists, aged 12-15, from Cambridge Youth Opera created an opera based around the dynamics of a family Zoom call in the height of lockdown.    

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