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Food for Soul is a cultural organization aiming to fight food waste and social isolation. Embrace our values, discover the Refettorios around the world and join our mission to build a more equitable future for all.

Massimo Bottura introduces Food for SoulFood for Soul

Strawberry gazpacho by Daniel HummFood for Soul

Cooking Is An Act of Love

“Whether we realize it or not, culinary traditions are constantly being broken. It is a mistake to think that they should be stagnant or put under glass. What is a traditional recipe after all? Most likely, it is an experiment or an improvisation that was successful, surprisingly delicious, seasonal and used local ingredients, even and often with kitchen scraps and leftovers. Some of the most famous recipes from the Italian cuisine have come out of a seemingly empty pantry, some leftover bread, and a handful of luck.” - Massimo Bottura

What do you know about bananas?Food for Soul

How To Take Action At Home

“A recipe after all is a solution to a problem. Choose to be part of the solution by cooking and sharing a meal around a table. It might be the most revolutionary thing you do all day.” Massimo Bottura

Refugee Food Festival hosted by Refettorio ParisFood for Soul

The Quality of Ideas

By collaborating with community members, chefs, artists, organisations and professional from different fields, Refettorios aim is to create and imagine places and experiences that can be platforms for learning and exchange. We strongly believe that the quality of the ideas that we bring together through our programs can make our voice louder, send our message further, and inspire others to act.

Tables of Refettorio Felix decorated with flowersFood for Soul

Why Hospitality Is Important

We believe in the power of hospitality to create experiences that have an emotional impact and that can make people feel seen and cared for. Through the excellence of our services, the integrity of our motivation, and the attention we dedicate to each of our stakeholders, our aim is to ensure a sense of dignity, caring and belonging that motivates them to express themselves and their ideas. This is what happens in our Refettorios and Social Tables, where volunteers and chefs work together to give guests a moment of inclusivity. Sitting around the same table is a gesture of inclusion, a moment spent in the company of others where people from all walks of life can gather, eat and socialize.

Refettorio GhirlandinaFood for Soul

The Power of Beauty

Beauty is a universal language, whose power can inspire and unveil hidden potential. Moments of beauty - be it art, design, music or an act of kindness - can take people out of their daily experience and help them to connect with each other. By creating spaces and experiences that actively celebrate the equal right of all to beauty, Refettorios encourage people to embrace empathy, and to form human connections that can be powerful vehicles for change.

Vitamins and minerals from root vegetablesFood for Soul

A More Environmentally Friendly Diet

"I really hope we will soon be able to implement a system that enhances relationships, respectful of the processes, of the individual products and, above all, of the people. The act of cooking as well as that of feeding oneself must become an ethical choice, not just of taste. Let’s start asking us where our food comes from, what its past is, but also how we see its future. If every step of the chain has been carried out in an ethical structure, the final result will also be better. It’s important to be resourceful with ingredients, not be wasteful, to have respect for the food that we prepare but also the food we eat daily. When we change this mindset, we can get the most out of the energy and resources that go into producing our food system. We can invite innovation and processes that are not only ethical but healthy and equitable for people and the planet." - Massimo Bottura

Our websiteFood for Soul

Our website

We created a platform that we hope will be a place of inspiration, where you can Learn, Share, and Act, starting in the kitchen - cooking with love, for people and the planet. Follow the tips and use this website as your very own cookbook.

Check out our recipes, let the stories behind them inspire you, cook with what you have at home, and share them with us!

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