A More Environmentally Friendly Diet

Let's take care of nature, our food system depends on it!

The model for a better food systemFood for Soul

We work with markets, supermarkets, and food recovery organisations to transform food that is considered imperfect into beautiful, healthy and nourishing dishes for people in vulnerable situations.

Access to good and healthy food is a fundamental human right and, even more so, it’s something that everyone is deserving of.

The transformative role of foodFood for Soul

In conversation with Ruth Reichl, food writer and restaurant critic, Massimo Bottura spoke at The New York Times Food Festival about the transformative role that food can play in our society and in creating conscious community, solidarity and drive sustainability in our lives.

Massimo Bottura: The Italian chef with a recipe to change the worldFood for Soul

A healthier food systemFood for Soul

Extra-ordinary recipes

In 2016, shortly after Expo and the opening of the Refettorio Ambrosiano, Italy passed a law to reduce food waste by allowing supermarkets, markets, producers and shops to donate their food surplus. Since then, Italy has collectively reduced its food waste by 40 percent.

The role of chefsFood for Soul

Today, chefs are in the spotlight more than ever before. Their voice and the example they set can help change the way people think about food. This is exactly why Refettorios involve both local and international chefs to prepare meals from ingredients that would otherwise be wasted.

Strawberry gazpacho by Daniel HummFood for Soul

“Gazpacho is the perfect recipe for overripe tomatoes and day-old bread. But we were cooking in May and there were not any overripe tomatoes, so when we saw the crates of strawberries, the decision was made on the spot.”- Daniel Humm, the first chef to cook at Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan, made a strawberry gazpacho for the guests of the project.

Wannabe Tarte Tatin by Rino DucaFood for Soul

Every Saturday afternoon and Monday morning, the vendors at Mercato Storico Albinelli in Modena donate their unsold produce to the Refettorio Ghirlandina allowing guests to be served in-season fruit and vegetables.

Connecting the dotsFood for Soul

Feastfairly is one of the initiatives promoted by Refettorio Felix to allow farmers to sell their underused products to restaurants all over the country.

Chefs are then asked to use their creativity and design low-waste menus for their diners.

A healthier food systemFood for Soul

An healtier food system

Refettorios all over the world are building concrete solutions for a healthier food system, access to fresh and healthy food, and to proper education when it comes to what we eat and where our food comes from. Their goals is not only to feed people but to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

When food is medicineFood for Soul

“Life has changed since I came here. I’ve never been so happy. You get your five a day and I have lost weight because of it and I’m healthier.” - Jean, guest at Refettorio Felix.

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Food is a connector. The meal that we serve to the guests of the Refettorios is more than just food, it’s a way to invite people to form human connections, while advocating for a food system that is respectful of our Planet and our health. Cooking is an act of love, for people and the planet.

It's Time for Nature!Food for Soul

The choices we make when it comes to what we eat have a ripple effect, not only on ourselves and our loved ones, but also on the planet, its biodiversity and our communities.

The secret gardenFood for Soul

Follow our President Lara Gilmore around the beautiful gardens of Casa Maria Luigia - Massimo and Lara's bed&breakfast in the Emilian countryside - as she talks about bees, how important they are for the ecosystem, and shares a few tips on eating healthy while respecting the environment.

Easy stepsFood for Soul

One easy step we can all take towards building a healthier and sustainable food system is shifting our diet to more environmentally friendly foods.

What do you know about beans and pulses?Food for Soul

Beans, for example, are one of the 50 future foods, according to the list of Future 50 Foods - modelled after the FAO definition of sustainable diets. They are environmental superheroes that can convert nitrogen from the air and fix it into a form that can be readily used by plants. They also offer us a rich source of fibre, protein and B vitamins.

Summer vegetables and beans by Massimo BotturaFood for Soul

On a summer day in 2015, Massimo Bottura and the Osteria Francescana brigade were in Milan working in the kitchen of the newly opened Refettorio Ambrosiano.

They rummaged through the pantry and took out a case of canned beans, some vegetables, and several Parmigiano rinds. They came up with the idea of a summer version of “pasta e fagioli” that they would transform into a savory bean salad served with a crudité of chopped vegetables and diced Parmigiano rinds for texture and flavor.

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