Perfect Couples

A programme of National Film and Television School fiction and animation films connected by the theme of friendships and relationships, curated from our collection by Geoff Badger.

Base Odyssey - a still from the film, 3 of 4 (1999) by Paul KousoulidesNational Film and Television School

Films that highlight the different natures of relationships between couples, partners, friends and strangers. Through animation and live action, these stories show meetings and partings, old loves and new loves, the beginning of friendships and the comforts of familiarity.

Sleeping with the Fishes coverNational Film and Television School

Sleeping with the Fishes (2013)

Offbeat love story between fish-loving Sonja, a lonely fishmonger and her new delivery man - who also happens to resemble a fish. A beautiful study in hand-drawn animation telling a mature story that is both humorous and moving.

Scarborough Ahoy! - a still from the film, 3 of 4 (1994) by Tania DiezNational Film and Television School

Scarborough Ahoy! (1994)

A new love develops between Maria, a bartender who practices drunken one-night stands and Michael, a gay loner she meets in her bar. A spur of the moment road trip to Scarborough leads to a dramatic incident and the deepening and consummation of their relationship.

Base Odyssey - a still from the film, 1 of 4 (1999) by Paul KousoulidesNational Film and Television School

Base Odyssey (1999)

Jaz and Naz are bickering partners in car radio thievery whose plans go desperately awry when they discover their latest stolen radio belongs to Jaz’s former girlfriend, Meena. A comedy of errors ensues as Jaz seeks to reunite with Meena over Naz’s strenuous objections.

Distance - a still from the film, 5 of 6 (2009) by Anthony ChenNational Film and Television School

Distance (2009)

A dissection of loss in subtext. A former couple walk through the streets of London to Waterloo station where the woman will begin her journey to a new life in New York. They talk about practicalities, but their real topics are much deeper as they make progress towards the irreversible conclusion of their relationship.

Axolotl - a still from the film, 5 of 6 (2000) by Alexis Dos SantosNational Film and Television School

Axolotl (2000)

A man awakes alone on a station platform unaware of who he is or what is inside the locked case in his possession. A mysterious love develops as the man is befriended by a young woman on the station platform who seems to be a perfect match for him, all stylishly told under the gaze of the enigmatic “walking fish” the axolotl. 

A Love Story - a still from the film, 2 of 8 (2016) by Anushka NaanayakkaraNational Film and Television School

A Love Story (2016)

Inventive tactile animation with stylish visuals and lush colours tells the story of two balls of wool who learn the basics of love, loss, exchange and reconciliation.

Head Over Heels - a still from the film, 3 of 5 (2012) by Timothy ReckartNational Film and Television School

Head Over Heels (2012)

Amusing stop-motion animation about a pair of opposites who are bound together by time, routine and familiarity but when an unexpected incident occurs their life is irreversibly disrupted. Will they be able to adapt? 

Credits: All media
The story featured may in some cases have been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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