The Winter Garden

A 360° micro documentary (Assemble Studios / Rob Vincent / Granby Four Streets)

Conceptual Image of Granby Winter Garden (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Shot and edited over three years, ‘The Winter Garden’ is a 360 film that celebrates the residents of Granby who, facing the demolition of their homes, fought back with creativity, a DIY spirit and a willingness to welcome and embrace others.

In the decades following the riots of 1981, the residents campaigned against the relocation of their community. In 2011 they formed a Community Land Trust and four years later joined forces with Assemble, the collective of artists and designers, to reimagine what their neighbourhood could look like. One plan that emerged from their collaboration - turning a derelict house into a Winter Garden and community centre - was central to Assemble winning a major UK art accolade: the Turner prize.

This film captures that transformation.

The film places the audience inside the Winter Garden during key moments of its build. We see it in its derelict state, then much later when the trees are lifted in and finally when the space is being used as a workshop for local people. Punctuating these scenes are others that show the neighbourhood - a resident’s home, a hair and beauty salon and the local streets.

A key objective of the film was to convey the aspirations of the residents and make them the focus of the experience. The narrative is therefore delivered, owned and driven by the residents themselves who touch on their feelings about the past and, more importantly, voice their hopes for the future.

Rob Vincent, the producer, says ‘We hope that, when experiencing ‘The Winter Garden’, the audience will feel as if they are actually in Granby, in the midst of something extraordinary while hearing the innermost thoughts of the people who live there.’

Roofless (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Granby Four Streets Graffiti (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Drawings of Granby Winter Garden with tree in house (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Derelict Old House with Assemble Model Box (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Close up of Model Box of Granby Winter Garden (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Granby Winter Garden Balcony Scene (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Women sitting in the Winter Garden (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Flower arranging workshop in Granby Winter Garden (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Granby Winter Garden Opening Day Gathering (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Granby Winter Garden Photo Opportunity (2019) by AssembleThe Space

The Winter Garden Micro Documentary (2019) by AssembleThe Space

Credits: Story

A Popla Media Production

Directed, photographed and edited by David Betteridge
Produced by Rob Vincent
Executive Producers Anthony Engi-Meacock and Rob Vincent

Featuring the voices of:
Andrea Ku

Delucia Emina
Eleanor Lee
Hazel Tilley
Michelle Peterkin-Walker
Nasra Hill
Theresa MacFarrag

Music composed by Jack Wyllie and Will Ward at 19 Sound.

Interviews conducted by Rob Vincent.

Sound Design and re-recording mix by Breen Turner.

Sound Facilities provided courtesy of NFTS.

2016 Winter Garden site footage filmed by Laurence Chater, courtesy of Room One Films.

Special Thanks to Granby 4 Street Community Land Trust and the residents of Granby.

Credits: All media
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