The People of Hill Close Gardens

Volunteers are the backbone of everything we do, discover more about their incredible impact.

Grand openingHill Close Gardens

Grand opening 2007

From the beginning of the restoration volunteers have been at the core of all that has happened. Without the kind help and passion of their actions we would not be able to showcase these unique gardens for the public to enjoy.   

The green shedHill Close Gardens

Before our modern visitor centre was built tea was served in the 'old green shed'. 
After many many months weeks days and hours the gardens started to take shape.   

Volunteers working in a shedHill Close Gardens

Volunteers helping in the 'Green Hut'

Information was discovered within the Warwick records office and the gardens slowly started to resemble times past by.   

Old metal sheetsHill Close Gardens

Over time new volunteers joined in and they all came with different skill sets and backgrounds. This helped evolve the many different areas that exist today.   

Volunteers sitting round a tableHill Close Gardens

It was understood that the gardens would be open to the public and a visitor centre was needed. Word started to spread locally and more people became involved.   

The visitor centreHill Close Gardens

After the Visitor Centre was completed a whole host of new activities could start to happen. Now the gardens could put on workshops - have space for hire and engage the community through educational activities and events. Most importantly Hill Close Gardens had a tearoom - and this was and is welcomed by the local community.   

SnowdropsHill Close Gardens

Showing off some snowdrops

Volunteers holding tools outside the plot 17 summerhouseHill Close Gardens

All hands on board

Volunteers clearing away overgrown plantsHill Close Gardens

Bit by bit the gardens started to take their original shape. The fruit trees we pruned and the volunteers were ready for the harvest. As there were so many apple trees an idea was had to create an Apple day at the gardens. This event still happens and is well attended each year. 

The green shedHill Close Gardens

Now a workshop and storage area - this shed has been at the hub of everything that has gone on at Hill Close during the restoration. In the early days it served as shelter during the big clear up. It has been used to serve teas to early visitors. It has been used as a potting up shed - a communications room with early internet connections to the local county records office, an office and has had a number of other uses.  

From the beginning it was understood that Hill Close Gardens would need revenue to keep the restoration going - a funding team was set up and all ways of bringing in some much needed income were looked at.

15 plot 17 dh, tony crook oct 2000, From the collection of: Hill Close Gardens
Plot 22 prior to restoration, From the collection of: Hill Close Gardens
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Plot 22 prior to restoration, From the collection of: Hill Close Gardens
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Locals get a sneak preview of the work done so far. Circa 1997

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