Why the People of Chan Chan are Working Hard to Preserve the City

Hear them talk about what they're doing to help


Blanca Sanchez, Chan ChanCyArk

Blanca Sanchez

Blanca Sanchez, Archaeologist, Head of the Pan American Center Unit: “One of the most degrading agents here in Chan Chan is wind erosion. Our material is too vulnerable to these climatic changes in humidity and temperature.“

“When these factors cause it to weaken and make this site more vulnerable, wind erosion comes.”

Manuel Medina - Chan ChanCyArk

Manuel Martínez Medina, Materials Engineer, The Pan American Center unit: “The monuments’ surfaces of the structures are made of mud, of earth, stone, and coarse sand. Every time there is rain or some phenomenon, the first to be impacted are the surfaces. And they are degrading.“

Chan Chan city timelapse monument panCyArk

"As the years go by, they get replaced, so it continues to protect the internal structures.”

Arturo NunezCyArk

Arturo Paredes Núñez

Arturo Paredes Núñez, Head of the UICPV area, The PECACH Conservation and Value Research Unit of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex: “Digital management is a huge step and makes us more viable.  The future is now and young people need this type of technology. Imagine making video games from the records we make and paving a way of communicating to new generations.”     

Arturo NunezCyArk

“It shortens distances and we simply have to come to understand all these possibilities, because with this, you can do magic that you cannot do simply with your hand.”

Chan Chan 3D workCyArk

Lucio Mora, Manager of RPA equipment, Pan American Center: “It is a way of to educate through different tools. Then, you open a cluster of possibilities that are within your reach.”

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