Museu Casa de Cora Coralina

Museu Casa de Cora Coralina was opened on August 20th 1989, celebrating the 100th birthday of the poet Cora Coralina.

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The Velha Ponte House

The House was built around 1770. In 1825, it was put up for public auction by the Fazenda Real and acquired by the great-great-grandmother of Cora Coralina, becoming part of the family until 1985, when Construtora Alcindo Vieira (MG) acquired it and donated it to Casa de Cora Coralina Association

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The Life of Cora Coralina

Ana Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto Bretas was born on August 20, 1889, in the former Vila Boa de Goyaz, today, City of Goiás, State of Goiás, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2001. Daughter of Francisco de Paula Lins dos Guimarães Peixoto and Jacintha Luiza do Couto Brandão.

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The Museum's Collection

The collection donated by the family consists of personal objects, manuscripts, typescripts, newspapers, photos, correspondence, household items, books and furniture.

Sala de EstudosMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

A Young Writer

She studied until the third grade of primary school, with the only teacher being Mestre Silvina, to whom he had taught his mother's generation. In 1910, ahe published the short story “Tragédia na Roça” at the age of twenty in the Historical and Geographical and Descriptive Yearbook of Goyaz.

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Brasília inauguration

An eternal admirer of President Juscelino Kubitschek, Cora Coralina celebrated the inauguration of Brasília with great enthusiasm and hope. At the Museum, the book "Por que Construir Brasília" about the political history of the new capital has a privileged space in the exhibition of its collection.

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Her Life, Her Inspirations

Due to a fall, he breaks his femur and starts using crutches. The daily need for this helper inspires her to write the Poem “Ode to the Crutches”.

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The baker

She learned in the family the trade of sweets and in her Poem 'Cora Coralina, who are you", she highlights: 

 "I am more a confectioner and a cook than a writer, cooking being the noblest of all the Arts: objective, concrete, never abstract" (My Book of Cordel, p.73 -76, 8th ed, 1998)

Jorge Amado (1978) by Otto Stupakoff Instituto Moreira Salles

Cartas com Jorge Amado e Zélia Gattai

Em 1975, Cora Coralina inicia correspondências com Zélia Gattai e Jorge Amado e envie seus doces caseiros ao casal de escritores. Algumas correspondências do acervo estão em exposição no Museu.

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From: Carlos Drummond to Cora Coralina

She began a correspondence with Carlos Drummond de Andrade, in 1979. In 1980, the writer published an article about Cora Coralina in Jornal do Brasil. For Cora Coralina, Carlos Drummond de Andrade was responsible for publicizing and promoting the recognition of his work at the national level.

TroféuMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

Jaburu Trophey

In 1981, Cora Coralina receives the Jaburu Trophy, the greatest cultural commendation in Goiás, offered by the State Council of Culture of the State of Goiás.

VestimentaMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

Title of Doctor Honoris Causa

In 1983, she received the title of Doctor Honoris Causa from the Federal University of Goiás - a title for people who have significantly contributed to the progress of Science, Letters or Arts or Culture in general.

TroféuMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

Juca Pato Award

First Woman to receive the Juca Pato Award, as Intellectual of the Year 1983, granted by the União Brasileira de Escritores.

MedalhasMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

Medals, plaques and honors

In 1977, Cora Coralina received the Ana Néri Medal from the Brazilian Society of Education and Integration in SP. And in 1978, the Order of Merit Anhanguera was awarded to her by the Government of the State of Goiás, with the degree of knighthood. Two examples among many tributes to the poet.

QuartoMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

Cora Viva Coralina

She died on April 10, in Goiânia, at the age of 95. After the poet's death, friends and relatives got together and created the Associação Casa de Cora Coralina, in 1985, a non-profit organization that maintains the Casa de Cora Coralina Museum, responsible for preserving the memory and promoting the life and work of Cora Coralin.

Sala de EstudosMuseu Casa de Cora Coralina

The Elder Poetess

At the age of 70, in 1959, Cora Coralina started a typing course and at the age of 75, she published her first book “Poemas dos Alleys de Goiás and Stories Mais”, Editora José Olímpio.

Interview for the Vox Populi Show

Cora Coralina talks about her life and work; it presents reflections on Brazilian society, on social inequalities and sends messages to young people

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