A programme of National Film and Television School fiction and animation films connected by the theme of landscapes of the mind, curated from our collection by Geoff Badger.

By National Film and Television School

Volume - a still from the film, 4 of 4 (2012) by Mahalia BeloNational Film and Television School

Shorts that traverse the boundless landscapes of the mind. Reality, fantasy, imagination, perception, and time and space, all play their roles in these bold flights of consciousness.

Fans, Still from Balloon directed by Ken Lidster (1991) by Ken LidsterNational Film and Television School

Balloon (1991)

A dark fantasy about a young girl who loses her balloon to a malevolent nameless force and is put in jeopardy when she attempts to rescue it. A visually impressive animation using a variety of animation forms and techniques.

Proctor - a still from the film, 5 of 5 (2002) by Joachim TrierNational Film and Television School

Proctor (2002)

A middle-aged office worker, Proctor becomes obsessed with a suicide victim and his final day after he finds a man dead in a burning car and a video camera recording it. What is driving Proctor’s unusual fascination with the dead man and  the tape? How much of what Proctor is experiencing is real and how much of it is imaginary? 

Temerario - a still from the film, 4 of 5 (2006) by Carl ZitelmannNational Film and Television School

Temerario (2006)

A journey through the dark recesses of a cowboy’s mind after he is shot by four avengers and undergoes the throes of death. Dark baroque computer animation blends with religious symbolism, gory images and a recurring motif of buzzing  flies as we are taken on the cowboy’s final unforgettable trip.

Volume - a still from the film, 3 of 4 (2012) by Mahalia BeloNational Film and Television School

Volume (2012)

Memories of a past summer continue to haunt Sam who used to watch the beautiful girl next door swimming in her pool before she suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. As Sam relives his memories, he starts to interpret them in a new light, but is this a really more accurate version of events or something completely in his mind?

MANoMAN Still 1 (2015) by Steven Cameron FergusonNational Film and Television School

Manoman (2015)

A troubled individual participates in primal scream therapy to exorcise his demons. A visceral bold experimental animation, visually inventive and tapping into dark adult themes. 

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