The Jewish Contribution to the arts: Hedi Krasa

Hedi, a multifacetic artist who contributed from different areas to the development of the arts in our country.

HK-DIBUJANDOArchivo Judío de Chile

From Austria to Chile

Hedi was born in Austria in 1925, where she studied ballet and music at the Vienna Conservatory. She was also attracted to drawing and painting, which she developed throughout her life. Due to Nazi persecution her family decided to migrate to Chile in 1938.

HK-PUBLICIDADArchivo Judío de Chile

Beginnings in advertising

Shortly after arriving she worked in an advertising agency, where she felt obliged to create certain products, when what she was looking for was to create for her own interests and concerns, so she soon sought new horizons.

HK-VESTUARIO BALLETArchivo Judío de Chile

A career close to the ballet

Looking for new creative ways, Hedi applied to what would be the first work of the Chilean National Ballet "Coppelia" in charge of the costume design. She continued working with the German choreographer Ernst Uthoff for 15 years, where on certain occasions she participated as a dancer.

HK-COPELLIAArchivo Judío de Chile

An outstanding work

Given the high quality of Hedi's work in the design of ballet costumes, in 1960 he exhibited in a solo exhibition in the "Sala Libertad" the sketches of the costumes of different works that had been presented.

HK-PORTADA LIBROArchivo Judío de Chile

Multifacetic artist

This multifaceted woman, among her various creations, worked illustrating books, highlighting her work in the collection of children's books of the Rapa-Nui publishing house founded by the writer Hernán del Solar in 1946. Her style stands out for its expressionist and free character

HK-RETRATOArchivo Judío de Chile

Hedi and his interest in portrait painting

"I am interested in the character of the person and the subtle changes in their moods...Feelings seem to get in the way.... Beauty becomes suspect and in general, ugliness is mistaken for depth, stubbornness for character and lack of technique for style."

HK-VENECIAArchivo Judío de Chile

Between Europe and Chile

In 1970, he and his partner Günther decided to return to their roots in Germany and Austria, traveling also to other countries such as Italy, France and Spain. She continues to paint and draw both portraits and still lifes.

HK-BUSTOArchivo Judío de Chile

Between Europe and Chile

They traveled for 15 years without settling permanently in any place. In 1985 they settled in Chile again and she died in 1989 of cancer.

HK-DESIERTOArchivo Judío de Chile

Hedi in the words of Edith del Campo Oviedo in his obituary

"Hedi searched for beauty in every place and through every work she made, she enjoyed both human creations and nature and its forms, she was a great observer who knew how to find what she calls fleeting and elusive moments and then make them eternal."

HK-SOBRE CESPEDArchivo Judío de Chile

A great artist

A self-taught artist with a passion for the arts, low profile, very prolific in her diverse production, who had an impact on the development of the arts in our country. Without ostentation we see in Hedi a desire to find and create beauty in all aspects of life.

HK-BURROS Y PERSONASArchivo Judío de Chile

Art in Hedi's words

"The expressive richness of an artist should be generous, even more so in an era that lacks generosity as well as tolerance and kindness. The drawings obey states of mind where the model is nothing more than a pretext, which is used to create these fleeting moments."

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