From the Sizzling Charcoal to the Plate: The Wonders of Turkish Kebap

An artful fusion of culinary traditions with the finest cuts!

Local kebap varieties served in a tray (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Succulent Turkish Delights

A Turkish classic, kebap, is one of the many Turkish dishes that has become highly regarded in international gastronomy, having crossed culinary borders and achieved global recognition.

Variety of kebap cooking over charcoal (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The importance of kebap lies not only in its rich taste but also in the creativity that goes into its preparation. It can be made with various meats, spices, and cooking techniques, each with a unique flavour and texture.

Afyon Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The art of marinating the meat, skewering it just right, and grilling it to perfection takes skill and patience. The result is a delicious and visually appealing dish.

Kebap with pistachios (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Step Into the Tantalizing World of Kebap in Türkiye

Where the art of grilling meat has been honed and refined over generations, yielding an awe-inspiring range of delectable and succulent dishes bursting with flavour.

A Kebap Table at A Traditional Kebap Restaurant

Chicken Shish Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Türkiye's rich culinary history has led to an unparalleled diversity of kebabs, with each region offering its unique spin, from the succulent Adana kebap to tasty şiş kebap, embodying the local cooking practices and the diversity of this cherished kebap cuisine across the land.

Chicken Shish Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Döner Kebap

Starting the kebap menu with döner is the right thing to do as it has gained a prominent place thanks to its delicious taste and popularity among locals and tourists alike. Döner features succulent beef or chicken, slowly roasted on a vertical spit, then thinly sliced.

A serving of Döner Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Thinly sliced döner is then wrapped in a lavaş (lavash) or served on pilav (rice pilaf) with veggies such as onions, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce. In Türkiye, döner has also become synonymous with delicious late-night munchies, as it is super easy to find döner at any hour! 

İskender Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

İskender Kebap

A marvellous dish that is made with thin slices of döner that are placed on a bed of soft pide cubs where the opulent tomato and tereyağı (Turkish churned butter) sauces are poured on top and the flavours are soaked by the pide underneath, creating a multi-layered tasting experience.

İskender Kebap

Adana kebap with lavash bread (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Adana Kebap

Adana kebap is a delectable, spicy kebap that is truly a feast for the senses. This classic comes from the city of Adana, and it is renowned for its meticulous meat-mincing technique with a two-handed sharp knife called zırh.

Adana Kebap

Adana Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

As the meat is skillfully kneaded and grilled over an open flame, enchanting flavours emerge, resulting in succulent Adana kebap.

To further enhance the dining experience, a refreshing glass of Adana’s şalgam suyu, made from pickled purple carrots, pairs quite well with this kebap.

Cağ Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Cağ Kebap / Oltu Kebap

Cağ kebap, also known as Oltu kebabı, is a regional delicacy that has become a national treasure, hailing from the Eastern Anatolian Region of Türkiye. This fascinating kebap involves slowly roasting lamb on a spit over an open flame, which produces a wonderfully tender texture.

Erzurum Cağ Kebap

Cağ Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

The preparation of cağ kebap is an intricate process that necessitates a significant amount of expertise and accuracy and the entire cooking time could take up to 8 hours, which holds the key to the delicate yet tempting cağ kebap. 

Lamb Shish Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Şiş Kebap (Shish Kebab)

Expertly seasoned cubes of marinated meat meet the fiery grill over an open flame, and the end result is the exquisite şiş kebap! As the meat is marinated, the aromatic flavours penetrate deeper and infuse every bite with a delicious complexity of taste.

Minced Meat Kebap with Onions (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Soğan Kebabı (Onion Kebab)

A Gaziantep specialty, soğan kebabı brings the mild, sweet-tasting onions of the region to the grill for an intriguing recipe.

Pit-Roasted Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Tandır Kebabı (Tandoor Kebab)

This kebap gets its name from the tandır ovens found in many Turkish cities where large cuts and whole meats are slow-cooked over a wood fire. The flavour, texture, and overall taste of the tandır kebabı varies depending on the specific location where it is prepared.

Pit-Roasted Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Kuyu Kebabı (Pit-Roasted Kebab)

Kuyu kebabı is a unique addition to the kebab menu, with meat slow-roasted in an underground pit for up to 4 hours, creating a velvety texture and bold flavour. Vegetables can also be placed underneath the meat to soak up its juices as they cook for a colourful presentation.

Bitlis Büryan Kebabı

Pehli (Tepsi Kebabı) (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Pehli (Tepsi Kebabı)

Pehli, also known as tepsi kebabı, is a mouth-watering kebap that is a speciality of the Eastern region of Türkiye.

Pehli (Tepsi Kebabı) (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

This dish gets its name from the arrangement of the meat and vegetables on a large tray or platter, known as a tepsi to cook with tangy sumac and paprika.

Çömlek (Testi) Kebabı (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Çömlek / Testi Kebabı

Çömlek kebabı is a creative recipe from Turkey, slow-cooked in a special clay pot for a complex flavour, hence the name "çömlek" meaning "pot" in Turkish. 

Çömlek (Testi) Kebabı (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Meat and vegetables are sealed in clay pots, buried in coals or baked in an oven for several hours until fully cooked.

Kapadokya, Testi Kebabı

İslim Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

İslim Kebabı

Given the widespread use of eggplants in Turkish cuisine, it is no surprise that they are also prominently featured in a range of kebap varieties such as islim kebabı, hünkar beğendi, ali nazik, and a rich array of other dishes.

Patlıcan Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

What truly makes islim kebabı so special is are the tender slices of marinated meat nestled between generous slices of eggplant, allowing the flavours to meld together into a beautifully nuanced taste.

Hünkar Beğendi (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Hünkar Beğendi

The name ”hünkar beğendi” which means "the Sultan liked it," is rooted in the Ottoman Empire with a recipe based on lamb and smoky eggplant puree. Legend has it that hünkar beğendi was created by royal chefs to impress the Sultan, and it definitely succeeded with flying colours!

Alinazik by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye


Another notable example of eggplant kebabs is Alinazik, featuring savoury pieces of meat on a bed of creamy roasted eggplants and garlic yogurt.

Alinazik (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

This kebap is known for its luxurious flavour, with the smoky eggplant and tender meat for a decadent bite.

Liver Kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Cartlak Kebabı (Liver Kebab)

A Turkish favourite made from the finest cuts of lamb or sheep liver is cartlak kebabı, with the finest pieces of liver and a piquant marinade.

Traditional serving of kebap on skewers with lavash, onions and salad (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

This dish is of the highest quality on the kebab menu and is wonderfully complemented by grilled vegetables and lavaş.

Lojuat Kebap / Kebap with quince (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Yenidünya Kebabı (Loquat Kebab)

While most kebaps are mainly savoury, yenidünya kebabı from Gaziantep stands out for its use of loquat, a tangy fruit that adds a wonderfully delightful twist to the traditional kebap recipes.

Yenidünya Kebabı / Ayvalı kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

It is yet another example from the creative world of kebap artistry in Türkiye.

Charcoal grilling of kebap (2023) by GoTürkiyeGoTürkiye

Whether a seasoned epicurean or an adventurous visitor, prepare to be transported to a world of unparalleled sensory delights as you indulge in a symphony of flavours with Turkish kebap!

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