The Kirin Screen Wall

A symbol of auspiciousness

Kirin screen wall of Simatai Great WallSimatai Great Wall

Why is it called the "Kirin Tower"?

In the western section of the Simatai Great Wall, there is a special tower with a hidden gem on its upper floor.  A large screen wall made of 15 square bricks is carved with an eye-catching mysterious animal called Kirin (or Qilin).

This tower is thus given the name "Kirin Tower". It is different from most beacon towers in that there are no stairs between the upper and lower floors, only a small square patio. Originally, there was a tile roof on the upper part of the screen wall.

Kirin screen wall of Simatai Great Wall (2020-05-13) by Wu QiangSimatai Great Wall

The meaning of Kirin

In Chinese mythology, Kirin is an auspicious beast that represents peace and good fortune. 

In the times of chaos, the lifelike Kirin was carefully carved to express the soldiers' expectation for peace. 

Kirin screen wall of Simatai Great Wall (2021-06-07) by Wu QiangSimatai Great Wall

After hundreds of years, the Kirin Tower has been eroded and now there is only a bare mural left, but you can still see the exquisite craftsmanship at the time by appreciating the details of this mythical creature.

The Great Wall had been built and rebuilt over a period of 2,000 years, and it is the product of countless workers, making it a miracle of mankind.

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