Game Drives: A South African Adventure

Experience the wild beauty of South Africa from the back of a 4x4

By South African Tourism

South African Tourism

The Pilanesberg National ParkSouth African Tourism

South Africa is renowned for its awe-inspiring nature and game reserves. Exploring these reserves is best done from a 4x4, which can traverse the varying terrain of the South African bushveld.

The Pilanesberg National ParkSouth African Tourism

Game drives, particulalry in open back vehicles, allow for amazing photographic opportunities. Visitors are able to take in the beautiful natural surroundings and capture unforgettable moments.

Game drive through the Cradle of HumankindSouth African Tourism

Open vehicle game drives allow park visitors to get up close to wild animals, viewing them in their natural habitat. South Africa supports an abundance of wildlife and a game drive is one of the most exciting ways to view wild animals.

The Wildebeest are large antelope which measure between 45 and 50 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 300 and 600 pounds.

Wildebeest are not good at camouflaging themselves, making them the perfect prey for lions. They do however afford themselves some protection by traveling in herds, making it slighty more difficly for predators to attack.

Visiting the PilanesbergSouth African Tourism

The Pilanesberg National ParkSouth African Tourism

Coming this close to nature is a sense-tingling reminder of why we have always been inspired by the untamed wild. Lionesses give birth to their cubs seperately to their pride, and often keep them hidden untill the cubs are older and able to defend themselves adequately.

Up close and personal with a lion at Kruger National ParkSouth African Tourism

The proximity to wildlife which game drives allows, affords park visitors unrivalled views of big game.

Lions spend over 18 hours a day sleeping and, after a big meal, have been known to sleep for 24 hours.

The Pilanesberg National ParkSouth African Tourism

Bushveld sunsets and sunrises are some of the most striking in the world. As the air is cooler during these times it is the perfect opportunity to view wildlife who are more active than in the heat of the day, when they rest and conserve energy.

Kruger national park Limpopo and MpumalangaSouth African Tourism

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