Heartbeat of the Earth

Discover Heartbeat of the Earth, a series of online artworks exploring rising sea levels, acidifying oceans, and more

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Heartbeat of the Earth

What happens when artists and climate data come together?

Heartbeat of the Earth is a series of online artworks created in collaboration between 10 artists, the Google Arts & Culture Lab, and the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), responding to and interpreting scientific climate data.

'Timelines' by Fabian Oefner

The artists have interpreted the evidence into striking and accessible visualisations that help you to interactively learn more about receding glaciers, what happens to disposed plastic and more. 

The Lagoon - Coastal City (2021) by Felicity Hammond

The artists have created 10 artworks responding to one or more of the key findings from the UN’s IPCC reports and data from global scientific institutions, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the World Meteorological Organisation. 

MRI of the Earth, the experiment by Refik Anadol

1. MRI of the Earth by Refik Anadol

What if our last memories of nature were only accessible from the mind of a machine?

Artist Refik Anadol scans the Earth for damages using datasets from the UN and uses 200 million found images of landscapes to create Artificial Intelligence made morphing visualisations of Earth's beauty.
Learn more and launch the experiment.

Insidious Rising, melted glacier

2. Insidious Rising by Hyphen-Labs

What would happen if the planet got 2 degrees warmer? Collective Hyphen-Labs explore the cascade effects of climate warming on humans, symbolised in the melting of a glacier.

Heartbeat of the Earth - Medusae landing page (2021) by Cristina Tarquini

3. 'Medusae' by Cristina Tarquini

Medusae reveals the changes in climate that are making the sea increasingly hostile to other life forms, however particularly hospitable to jellyfish.
Watch the video to find out how...

Heartbeat of the Earth: Medusae by Cristina Tarquini

Plastic Air - microplastics (2021) by Giorgia Lupi

4. 'Plastic Air' by Giorgia Lupi

Zoom into an interactive sky and discover the hidden swirls of microplastics in our air, rain and snow.
Watch the video to see how...

Heartbeat of the Earth: Plastic Air by Giorgia Lupi

Climate Change Impact Filter - main view (2021) by Sey Min

5. 'Climate Change Impact Filter' by Sey Min

An interactive machine learning experiment that visualises what we might lose and what will remain as temperatures rise.
Watch the video to see this in action...

Heartbeat of the Earth: Climate Change Impact Filter by Sey Min

The Lagoon - Coastal City (2021) by Felicity Hammond

6. 'The Lagoon' by Felicity Hammond

Watch a fictional coastal city disappear under water with this durational video collage.

Heartbeat of the Earth: The Lagoon by Felicity Hammond

Heartbeat of the Earth hero image

And now explore our first phase of climate experiments...

'Diving into an Acidifying Ocean' by Cristina Tarquini

7. 'Diving into an Acidifying Ocean' by Cristina Tarquini

Digital visual artist Christina Tarquini invites you to dive into the ocean and explore the impact of rising temperatures on marine life, and ultimately to us, through an interactive data visualisation. Watch the video to learn more...

'Diving into an Acidifying Ocean' by Cristina Tarquini

'Coastline Paradox' by Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho

8. 'Coastline Paradox' by Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho

Multidisciplinary visual artist Pekka Niittyvirta and installation artist Timo Aho are visualizing the actual and predicted sea level rise through Google Maps and Street View. Watch the video to see how they do it...

'Coastline Paradox' by Pekka Niittyvirta and Timo Aho

'Timelines' by Fabian Oefner

9. 'Timelines' by Fabian Oefner

Experimental photographer Fabien Oefner has visualized the shocking retreat of two glaciers in Switzerland over the last 140 years through an interactive artwork. Watch the video to see the artwork in action...

'Timelines' by Fabian Oefner

'What We Eat' by Laurie Frick

10. 'What We Eat' by Laurie Frick

How much do you think your diet affects the environment? Data artist Laurie Frick is exploring the CO2 footprint of different foods and diets in the US, France, and the UK. Watch the video to see how it works...

'What We Eat' by Laurie Frick

Explore all of the Heartbeat of the Earth experiments here.

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