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Leopoldo Méndez

The Torch (1947) by Leopoldo MendezMuseo del Estanquillo

In 1947, Leopoldo Méndez made a series of 10 engravings for the film, “Río Escondido.” The result is spectacular, the works reflect the maturity of the artist, as well as his stylistic coherence and notable themes.

In these stamps there is no populism or love for the picturesque, but rather a pursuit for the reality of Mexico’s society. This piece is a linoleography of 30.6 x 40.5cm and was commissioned by Gabriel Figueroa.

His familiarity with other artistic mediums allowed Méndez to develop a distinct style, which is characterized by striking characters at the forefront and rectangular landscapes that stretch out into the horizon.

The engravings are slanted and are made with violent cuts, which is reminiscent of a film lens.

Over time, Méndez's strokes became more refined and synthetic and, by expanding them, his expressive vigor increased as can be seen in this work.

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Museo del Estanquillo - Colecciones Carlos Monsiváis.

Textos adaptados de:
Leopoldo Méndez: el oficio de grabar de Francisco Palma

Leopoldo Méndez y su tiempo. Colección Carlos Monsiváis publicado por editorial RM

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