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How yoga can help you in everyday life

Dr. Hansa YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Dr. Hansaji J. Yogendra

Dr. Hansaji J. Yogendra, a charismatic personality, is the director of The Yoga Institute, the world’s oldest organized yoga centre. Being at the forefront of the yoga fraternity for over five decades, her significant contributions in areas like yoga education, research, experiential learning, standardization of yoga practices, upliftment of society, communication via television/digital medium as well as numerous books authored by her have been widely recognized. She serves as a yoga expert to many prestigious organizations and government committees and has bagged numerous awards and accolades.

Learning at the Yoga InstituteThe Yoga Institute

Yoga: A Way of Life

The Yoga Institute was founded on a tenet of being a ‘Life School' where one learnt how to live. This being in line with the fundamental principles of Yoga - Yoga is not only about asanas but a practice of living, and gaining control of both mind and body. 

Yoga & You: Only Asanas is Not Yoga! | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

“Yoga believes in relaxed, yet active movements. Yoga isn’t about asanas but a way of life. How one lives, is yoga.” Hansaji reveals what yoga essentially means.

Yoga & You: Find time for yourself & stay healthy | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

"It is imperative that one keeps their body fit and fine. One should respect time; live their life like an emergency”.

Yoga & You: Find time for yourself & stay healthy | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

“Yoga is a way of Life and has to be lived. If someone can maintain a routine, even for a minute everyday, one can achieve a lot through being motivated and disciplined.” These are the key points thorough which one would stay healthy.

Learning at the Yoga InstituteThe Yoga Institute


"Whatever one does, to apply our mind to it". Mindfulness means awareness; completely aware of the present. It is a practice of living in the present; the practice of yoga is about mindfulness. 

Yoga & You: How to practise Mindfulness? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Mindfulness is a practice of everyday. It is a practice of complete awareness of ones mind and body in everyday life. “Where our body is, our mind should be; where our mind is, is where our emotions should be. Where our emotions are, is where our faith should be. Our faith is our confidence. When all four things work together, a state of mindfulness would be achieved.”

Learning at the Yoga InstituteThe Yoga Institute

Well being through Yoga

Yoga helps living a more fruitful and cherished lifestyle by addressing general and more specific aliments that are both physical and mental. Dr. Hansaji has specific methods that enable individuals to achieve a greater balance in their life, for women health issues, for issues related to body pains and postures, on coping with anxiety and insomnia amongst other stressors of day to day activities. 

Yoga & You: Yoga and Women’s Health Care | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

“Women should be self-reliant, especially emotionally”. For women who have hormonal disorder, she suggests that they should do asanas that involve lying down on their stomach and adequate rest.

Yoga & You: How do you prevent body pain? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Most of todays problems rated to the body are due to the lifestyle one leads, the solution to this is to identify what is causing these issues. “Your body itself will tell you what to do when it is in trouble” Small things that one does daily, helps the body to be more efficient, keeping body pain at bay. One should also be observant to what one eats and how their body responds to it, diet should be what one is comfortable with and is healthy.

Yoga & You: How do you prevent body pain? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

A flexible body is a physically healthy body. Yoga helps is gaining flexibility and there are asanas to enhance ones flexibility.

Yoga & You: How to stop eating our way to illness? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

It is said that the root of all problems is in the stomach. Yoga has a specific way to eat, “A person should fill only half of their stomach with food, now quarter for water and the other quarter for the gases in the stomach” this not only helps the stomach to function well but also keeps illness at bay.

Yoga & You: How to overcome & face your fears | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

“Fear has to be overpowered by Faith” One has to face their fear to realise that it is a construct of ones mind, and to do so, one has to have faith in oneself.

Yoga & You: How to cope up with anxiety | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Anxiety is an emotion and it needs to handled with intellect. When emotions waver, ones intellect needs to be strong. If a person does not control anxiety, it would lead in panic attacks. That is very harmful. Simple methods in coping with anxiety attacks:"Stop thinking and think about positive things in ones life. Start watching and counting ones breath, take long breaths. By breathing better one is relaxing better." Instead of zooming in on problems that cause anxiety, one should start looking for solutions.

Yoga & You: Insomnia & Yoga | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Sleeping is a natural pattern and if that natural pattern is disturbed, one is doing a mistake in their life. “Getting tired and sleeping is not a good approach, person should be agile. If one is tired, on should release that fatigue.” Doing Shavasana and Pranayama helps is getting sleep and relaxing oneself.

Learning at the Yoga InstituteThe Yoga Institute

A content life through Yoga

Yoga not only benefits the physical and psychological, but also enhances ones overall well being. This section contains videos that talk about how through yoga one can attain a content life, how the true way to be happy is through giving and helping others, the ways to stay content in life yet be motivated. Dr. Hansaji tells us the various nuances that feed into and how to change oneself to positive attitudes, in order to life a fulfilling life. 

Yoga & You: What role does Meditation play in Life? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Meditation is the thing that would remove all obstacles in ones life. Through meditation, one learns to focus and become aware the mind. Concentration is the beginning of meditation, and prolonged concentration is a kind of mediation. It helps in integrating ones mind and ones heart, through devotion and faith.

Yoga & You: How to achieve a balanced state of mind | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

“A human should do four types of activity in a day. The first one pertains to ones duty, as a woman, a man, a child, as member of society etc, if one does not do their duty, there is chaos. The second is, one should earn their own money and should be self-reliant. One should respect money and should earn it in clear ways. The third is, one should learn how to channelize our emotions, to have productive outlets for our emotions. The fourth is, to be selfless, to think and do things for others.” When all these are done, one would achieve a balanced state of mind.

Yoga & You: How to stop negative thinking | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

An empty mind is a devils workshop - keeping the mind focused and busy is a productive way to not think negatively. The mind functions in five ways, the logical way, the belief way, the imaginary mind and the mind of memory, all these function together and we have to keep alert not to slip into a negative mode of thinking with these - keep these functions of mind productive and positive.

Yoga & You: How to be content in life? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

For living a content life, Dr. Hansaji has a very simple answer. “One should train ones mind to see good in life. Broaden ones outlook and look at the world with eyes open. Be thankful for what has been given to you."

Yoga & You: The Joy of Giving | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

Love and charity are in-born within us, in giving the joy and feeling worthwhile that we get is tremendous. Wherever help is required, we should give help to them, by giving time, space, whatever possession that can be disposed

Yoga & You: How to stay happy?| Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

The first thing to be happy is to find purpose in life, to have a concept of duty in ones life. Constructively occupy one life. Second area is energy, energy is increased by doing physical activities, staying active, doing yoga, meditation and while one is doing this one should reduce activities that take away ones energy. The third is too nurture good thoughts and remember those thoughts. When one is useful to someone, when one empathises, one is truly happy.

Yoga & You : How to be motivated? | Dr. Hansaji YogendraThe Yoga Institute

To be motivated, a person should not be lazy, to make ones time more useful and productive. One should balance out what one has to do and what one wants to do. To keep goals and steadily keep increasing those goals in ones life.

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