Types of Frevo

There is no way to resist Frevo! The slight rhythm that asks for passage and infects everyone. Know the origin and the different types of Frevo.

Types of Frevo (2014-07-20) by Rafa Medeiros/PCRPaço do Frevo


Musically, frevo came from the combination of musical styles, such as polka, marches, quadrille, maxixe and dobrado, performed at the end of the 19th century by the military and civilian bands of Recife. With the mixture of these elements, a unique rhythm appears, subdivided into three categories: Frevo de Rua, Frevo Canção and Frevo de Bloco. Listen to our Web Radio: Rádio Paço do Frevo 

Types of Frevo (2016-12-05) by Paço do FrevoPaço do Frevo

Types of Frevo (2016-05-12) by Paço do FrevoPaço do Frevo

Frevo de Rua (Street Frevo)
It is a fully instrumental style, performed by orchestras where the metal family instruments (trombones, trumpets and tubas) and the wood family (saxophones, clarinets and requintas) stand out. The rhythmic base is led by the bass drum, snare drum and tambourine. It is still different from other types by the complete absence of lyrics. It can be divided into three modalities: frevo-abafo, frevo-coconut tree and frevo-gavia.
Music: 7 Hearts
Frevo Essência Orchestra
Download the sheet music here: http://migre.me/tSLNJ

Types of Frevo (2016-05-13) by Paço do FrevoPaço do Frevo

Frevo de Bloco (Block Frevo)
It has an orchestra in which stand out the instruments of wood and string, such as guitars, cavaquinhos, banjos, mandolins, flutes and clarinets, besides the snare drum, tambourine, bass drum and saxophone. The songs are sung by a female choir portraying lyrical, nostalgic and exaltation to the beauty themes of the blocks and carnivals of the past.
Music: Valores do Passado
Edgard Moraes Coral

Types of Frevo (2007)Paço do Frevo

Claudionor Germano - Segura no meu braço

Frevo Canção (Frevo Song)
It has the same instruments used in Frevo de Rua and is usually sung on stage by performers. An example that is among the most famous compositions is "Frevo nº 3 do Recife", by the composer Antônio Maria, performed here by the great frevo interpreter Claudionor Germano.

Types of Frevo (2015-07-19) by Rafael Bandeira / Exclusiva!BRPaço do Frevo


The passo (step), as the frevo dance is known, is characterized by vigor, by the flexing of limbs, by the descent and rise of the body, play of the shoulders, facial expression and jumps. The step inherited the fighting aspect of the capoeiras, black people considered vagrants that came in front of the parades.

Types of Frevo (2016-12-05) by Paço do FrevoPaço do Frevo

Frevo's dance brings together famous steps, such as “parafuso”, “ferrolho”, “tesoura” e “dobradiça”, composing a great repertoire of choreographies. Currently, there are several steps cataloged and invented. Learn three of them now!

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