Six Slovenian Experiences You Can't Find Anywhere Else

From carnivals to crafts, discover wonders, weddings, and something a little weird

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Shrovetide in Cerkno (2019) by Matej Vranič, FotokomSlovenian Tourist Board

Step into Slovenia!

Want to walk among the treetops and deep dive into vast caves? Or how about sharing a Shrovetide snack to chase away the moss-covered demon of winter? 

Scroll on to discover some of the weirdest and most wonderful experiences you can only have in Slovenia.

Painted beehive panel. Motif: Adam and Eva in ParadiseBeekeeping Museum in Radovljica

1. The Sweet and the Salt

Slovenian honey is famed for its rich sweetness. You can even have a honey massage in Slovenia! But that's not the only thing which makes it unique. Slovenia boasts a curious, longstanding tradition of decorating beehives with detailed paintings.

From religious subjects, such as this hive showing the story of Adam and Eve in paradise, to local customs of dance and weddings, these paintings create a real buzz! You can't find them anywhere else in the world. Learn more here.

Salt on a tool called "kavedin" by Jaka IvančičSlovenian Tourist Board

Or, if your palette is more salt than sweet, you can discover a 700-year tradition of salt farming. Read more here, or scroll on to watch the last salt farmers in action.

Slovenia: The last salt farmers (2015) by DW NewsSlovenian Tourist Board

Tree Top Walk in Rogla by Unitur d.o.o., photo: Iztok MedjaSlovenian Tourist Board

2. Walk among the treetops

Slovenia is, of course, full of lush greenery and incredible views. But did you know you can stroll amongst the treetops along a crafted wooden walkway? 

Treetop Walk Pohorje (2020) by Unitur d.o.o., foto: Iztok MedjaSlovenian Tourist Board

Pivka Cave by Iztok Medja, Postojnska jama d.d.Slovenian Tourist Board

3. Take a deep dive

From the tops of trees to the depths of caves. Slovenia's networks of underground caverns and passageways are almost unparalleled throughout the world. Here are spelunkers in the Pivka Cave.

Click, drag, and use the arrows here to explore the Dimnice Cave for yourself.

Kurent and national costumes (2021) by Luka SveticSlovenian Tourist Board

4. Kurent at Carnival

This friendly, furry guy is a Kurent, a character involved in the Slovenian Carnival at Shrovetide. Kurent has the important task of chasing away Pust, the moss-covered demon of winter.

Grape harvest in Žerovinci (1973) by Boris KuharFran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language

5. Twenty-five ways to say 'Grandma'

Though it's a small country, Slovenia has a rich and varied tongue. Did you know there are 40 different dialects across the country? Discover more here.

Bride and groom at šranga challenge (2021) by Anže ŠestovičSlovenian Tourist Board

6. Tie the knot, the Slovenian way!

Nobody does weddings quite like the Slovenians. Can the groom pay the outrageous ransom? If not, he'll have to be put through his paces...

Carnival in Cerknica by Matej Vranič, FotokomSlovenian Tourist Board

Ready to learn more about Green Slovenia, and all its crafts, carnivals, and stories? Head over to Slovenian Stories.

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