Meet the Mas Bands

Meet the Mas Bands who bring intricate and extraordinary costuming to Notting Hill Carnival every year.

Notting Hill Carnival Mas (2012/2012) by Oli ScarffNotting Hill Carnival

Mas Bands are one of the five key arts of Notting Hill Carnival and are a cornerstone of Carnival celebrations. They can be found parading down the carnival route, adorned in decorative costumes influenced by the Caribbean and Brazilian diaspora. 

Notting Hill Carnival Mas (2018/2018) by ReutersNotting Hill Carnival

Meet some of the many Mas Bands you can find on the road at Carnival...

Arts-A-Light, Eyukamba Foundation (2020/2020) by Arts-A-Light, Eyukamba FoundationNotting Hill Carnival

Arts-A-Light Mas (Formerly “The Bride” Outreach/ “The Bride”

The Mas Band formerly known as “The Bride” Outreach was started by Angela Morah, and is a group of creative Christians based in West London. Arts-A-Light celebrates the traditions of carnival rooted in the Church, Africa, the Caribbean and Europe.

Facebook: @eyukambafoundation-Artsalight

Elimu (2013)Notting Hill Carnival

Elimu Mas Academy

Elimu Mas Academy have been a key component of Notting Hill Carnival since their inception in 1980. Elimu aim to promote excellence in mas art and the culture of mas as an integration of music, movement and masquerade. They do this by showcasing a variety of designers and, to date, Elimu has worked with over 17 partners and 84 artists. 

Twitter: @ElimuMas

Flamboyan Carnival Arts (2015/2015)Notting Hill Carnival

Flamboyan Carnival Arts

lamboyan Carnival Arts was formed out of two other carnival bands in 1985, by Gloria Cummins from Elimu and Larry Forde from Sukuya. Based on Fernhead Road, London, they are a community based arts charity and run programmes and workshops on arts, culture and heritage throughout the year. 

Instagram: @flamboyan_carnival_arts
Twitter: @FlamboyanCommu1
Facebook: @TeamFlamboyam

Fox Carnival Mas Band (2006/2006) by Fox CarnivalNotting Hill Carnival

Fox Carnival

Fox Carnival band was built entirely around children’s art, and works closely with primary schools in North Kensington to include local children in Carnival, celebrating their expressive, courageous and colourful ideas. After 17 years of children’s mas, Fox morphed into a steelband - Urban Fox Orchestra ‘UFO’.

Instagram: @ufo_steelband
Twitter: @FoxCarnival
Facebook: @foxcarnival

Genesis Mas Band Costume (1998/1998) by Genesis Carnival BandNotting Hill Carnival

Genesis Carnival Band

Genesis Carnival Band is a family run organisation which has been an important part of Notting Hill Carnival since 1980. Established by Vernon Williams, a founder of Notting Hill Carnival itself, Genesis is now run by costume designer Symone Williams, who is working to educate future generations in the art of creating mas costumes. 

Instagram: @genesis carnival 
Twitter: @genesismas
Facebook: @mygenesismas

Soca Sagaboys (2013/2013) by Soca SagaboysNotting Hill Carnival

Soca Sagaboys (SSB)

Soca Sagaboys, formed in 1990, are a non-profit organisation which was founded by Tony Cumberbatch to promote Soca and Calypso music to new audiences. They aim to educate and inspire upcoming generations and commemorate pioneers and pay homage to ancestral links through the art of mas and music. 

Instagram: @socasagaboys
Twitter: @SocaSagaBoys
Facebook: @SocaSagaBoys 

Stardust 'Junior Queen' Costume 1989 (1989/1989) by Stardust ArtsNotting Hill Carnival

Stardust Mas

Stardust Mas and Pan emerged onto the carnival scene in 1983. Stardust was founded by Randolph Baptiste and quickly developed an excellent reputation in the fields of steelpan and mas making. Since the passing of Baptiste in 2003, Stardust has been run by his three children, Rhonda, Tara and Adrian.

Instagram: @stardustarts
Twitter: @Stardustarts
Facebook: @Stardust-Arts

Sunshine International Arts by Sunshine International ArtsNotting Hill Carnival

Sunshine International Arts (S.i.A.)

Based in Loughborough Junction, Brixton, Sunshine International Arts is an award winning carnival arts organisation that has contributed to the arts in England since 2001. They work to break down barriers and spark conversations between artists and communities, producing work from local and national audiences. 

Instagram: @sia_cafe
Twitter: @foodray
Facebook: @sunshineiarts

Utopia Mas Band UK by Utopia Mas Band UKNotting Hill Carnival

Utopia Mas Band

Utopia Mas UK is a family run organisation which has been a part of Notting Hill Carnival since the 1980’s. Utopia began as a children’s band and has since evolved into adult costuming for regional carnivals. They aim to increase participation in the carnival experience to newcomers and young players, pushing boundaries and continuing the tradition of large scale King and Queen costumes. 

Instagram: @utopiamas
Twitter: @UtopiaMasUK
Facebook: @utopiamasband

Vibrance Mas Band by Vibrance Mas BandNotting Hill Carnival

Vibrance Mas

Launched in 2016, Vibrance is a London based, family costume and t-shirt band which focuses on unique high quality designs and environmental ethics. They take a contemporary modern approach to their designs whilst working with renowned artists to keep traditional carnival mas alive. 

Instagram: @vibrancemas
Twitter: @VibranceM
Facebook: @vibrancemas

Notting Hill Carnival, Access All Areas 2020 - Mas Band Highlights (2020/2020) by Notting Hill Carnival LtdNotting Hill Carnival

Watch a compilation of Mas performances from Notting Hill Carnival, At Home: Access All Areas 2020.

Soca Sagaboys (2015/2015) by Soca SagaboysNotting Hill Carnival

Mas Bands and Notting Hill Carnival

Mas Bands return to Carnival year after year, and you are encouraged to play mas with them by purchasing their handmade, custom costumes and joining them as they dance through the streets of West London. 

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