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Design & Technology 2 (2021) by Bea BrückerGlobal Design Graduate Show

Bea Brücker

London-based Fashion Designer, Bea Brücker, focuses on working with living organisms, digital tools and new technologies in order to create a circular fashion system.

Design & Technology 1 (2021) by Bea BrückerGlobal Design Graduate Show

Bea’s work interrogates how the integration of biodesign practices and new fabrication technologies could be used as a tool for an economically and socially liberating design practice.

Design & Technology 10 (2020) by Sian FanGlobal Design Graduate Show

Sian Fan

Sian Fan is an interdisciplinary artist working in London. Drawing on her background in contemporary and aerial dance she suspends, fragments and augments the body via choreography and digital techniques. 

Design & Technology 9 (2020) by Sian FanGlobal Design Graduate Show

Sian is concerned with the complexities of spiritual experience and with being human in our increasingly digitised and hyperconnected world. Through her work she hopes to discover new ways for us to coexist with technology.

Design & Technology 4 (2020) by Michael YoshimuraGlobal Design Graduate Show

Michael Yoshimura

Michael Yoshimura is a visualisation artist/3D generalist currently based in Toronto, Canada. He uses the medium of science-fiction short film to address the potential of architecture to narrate the contemporary notion of Shinto techno animism.

Design & Technology 8 (2021) by Oscar KeeneGlobal Design Graduate Show

Oscar Keene

Oscar Keene merges art, fashion and commerce by using 3D software to create compelling visual narratives and accurately virtually recreating the processes of designing, pattern-making and prototyping. 

Design & Technology 7 (2021) by Oscar KeeneGlobal Design Graduate Show

Oscar's work, involving technology adapted to fashion, can engage the viewer in a different way to live streamed runways and conventional photoshoots, and can connect the artistic, conceptual framework behind a collection to the viewer with significantly reduced waste.  

Design & Technology 6 (2021) by Molly MacleodGlobal Design Graduate Show

Molly Macleod

Molly Macleod is a multidisciplinary artist exploring scientific concepts through collaborative projects with researchers and scientists. She sits in the liminal space between art and science and uses the scientific method to examine and question cultural phenomena.

Design & Technology 5 (2021) by Molly MacleodGlobal Design Graduate Show

 Through poetic interpretation and distilling meaning via her use of unconventional, signifying materials, Molly's artwork invites intimate and philosophical engagement combined with accessible simplicity and a minimalist aesthetic. 

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