Tempe Making in One Minute!

An exclusive tutorial on how to make tempeh: plastic-free, traditional-style, made easy.

By Indonesia Gastronomy Network

by Indonesian Tempe Movement

How to make plastic-free tempeh with mixed beans

Traditional way of selling tempehIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Tips #1: Start with soybeans

Soybean is the most popular tempeh ingredient, perhaps not without reason. Making soybean tempeh is the easiest. Try to get that solid texture, fresh good smell, and delicious taste of your hand-made tempeh first. You won't be able to stop afterwards.

Split pea plus yam tempeh. (2021/2021) by Margot ZyIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Tips #2: Play and have fun

Experiment with your choices of beans, leaves, and shape.

Blackbean - edamame tempeh. (2021/2021) by Putri GremmerIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Tips #3: Be patient

Often times it takes more than 1 trial to make tempeh successfully. Everybody has their own recipe, secret, and pleasure.

Modern, traditional-inspired ways of making tempehIndonesia Gastronomy Network

Tips #4: Do it with others

Making tempeh has been a communal thing in Indonesia. It is something meditative and brings people together.

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