Internet access; Passports: possibilities of access to other countries

Top Ten Languages Used in the Web (2020) by Internet World StatsObservatory of the Portuguese Language

The 10 most used languages on the internet.

Portuguese is in 5th position.

The internet is now the most important communication platform in the world.

And when it comes to the internet, we mean e-mail, messages, websites, among many other forms of interaction between humans from machines.

Internet communication can be of several types:

- Data;
- Voice;
- Video;
- Multimedia

Portuguese and Spanish in internet (2019) by Internet World StatsObservatory of the Portuguese Language

Internet users in the world.

It should be noted that, considering the linguistic intercomprehension between Portuguese and Spanish, together, these languages occupy the 3rd place.

Portuguese and Spanish together constitute a language community. There is therefore no doubt about the potential of each of the languages and of the two together.

For this reason, the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI), to which Portugal belongs, has focused on strengthening synergies for the management of both languages and encouraging intercomprehension between Portuguese speakers. and Spanish, based on its common origin, Latin, and its close proximity in grammatical and lexical terms.

Percentage of Internet users in the World (2019) by Internet World StatsObservatory of the Portuguese Language

Spanish and Portuguese, if considered together (since they have a high degree of intercomprehension), constitute the most spoken languages after Mandarin, but with a significantly higher global dispersion (entropy).

There is a high degree of intercomprehension among speakers of both languages, regarding:

(1) text comprehension (since these speakers can use lexical inference strategies to help them understand the text globally);

(2) translation (since there is a high index of identical and non-identical cognate words);

(3) inference of lexical items (with the help of vocabulary and grammar strategies).

Access to knowledge through the Internet (2020) by Internet World StatsObservatory of the Portuguese Language

Access to knowledge
through the Internet:

Written understanding of Portuguese, Spanish and English, eg
allows access to 37% of the content available on the internet

Possible destinations of CPLP country passports (2020) by Henley & Partners - Passport Index.Observatory of the Portuguese Language

Passports: Possible destinations from each CPLP country (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries), whose access does not require a visa

Ranking of Passports of CPLP countries (2020) by Henley & Partners - Passport Index.Observatory of the Portuguese Language

Ranking (relative position of each country in the years 2020, 2015 and 2010) of the Passports of the CPLP countries (Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries).

Credits: Story

- Map of submarine cables
- World Internet usage and population statistics
- Henley & Partners - Passport index.

Portuguese and Spanish:
- Prof. Dr. Margarita Correia, University of Lisbon.
- Prof. Dr. Eunice R. HENRIQUES, PhD, State University of Campinas.

Author: Francisco Nuno Ramos, Observatory of the Portuguese Language

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