Alté: Soundtracking Nigeria's New Generation

More than a lifestyle- It's an attitude

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ALTÉ – a new way of doing things.
Straight out of Lagos, Alté is a loosely defined cultural movement led by creatives who want to do things differently. More than a lifestyle, it's an attitude – a counter to traditions and cultural norms in Nigeria. The Alté community are reshaping the creative landscape in Lagos and beyond, and the sounds of rising Alté musicians are set to take over global airwaves. Putting an alternative stamp on rhythm, rap and melody, these artists are making the industry their own.

The audience at Homecoming (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

What is Alté?
The term Alté (coined by DRB member Teezee) refers to the attitude and outlook of an emerging young creative movement in Lagos, spanning music, fashion, art and culture. Alté values generally look at creative culture through an alternative, globally-stimulated lens, in opposition to the tropes that have traditionally defined Nigerian creative culture in the world's eyes.

Meet some of the key people defining the movement.

Homecoming Voices: Teezee (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet Teezee and Fresh L of the pioneering Alté group DRB
Here Teezee discusses the rise of the Alté movement.

Teni "Teezee" Zacchaeus (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

"All eyes are on Lagos' contemporary cultural scene. Its creative energy is fuelled by the fact that it has such differences in society, it’s the largest black city in the world – a cultural melting pot of everything. It’s also the craziest city in the world, everyday life in Lagos is an experience."
Teezee, DRB

Lagos from above (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

“I started as a young creative, one of the first in the Alté movement which was a new wave of expression in Nigeria. Now I’m seen as one of the pioneering figures for music, media, fashion and youth culture in Lagos – it’s really a blessing. I study artists, musicians, businessmen and women and past geniuses who made their way by doing something different and created legacies. Like Basquiat, Fela Kuti, Steve Jobs, Diddy, Pharrell, Wole Soyinka, and Don Jazzy.”
Teezee, DRB

Fresh L performs onstage (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

"Alté just means doing your thing. Expressing how you feel through fashion, music, image. It's a blessing to be a part of this movement."
Fresh L, DRB

Teezee, SHOLZ and Dalia Dias with the local surf community (2018) by @__tseOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

"For us this is all about inspiring the younger generation; it is OK to be who you are."
Teezee, DRB

Homecoming Voices: Odunsi (The Engine) (2018)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet musician Odunsi, The Engine
A rising star in the Alté landscape, Odunsi (the Engine) is part of a rising movement of artists in Lagos taking an 'Afrofusion' approach to music and creativity.

Odunsi (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

"Homecoming, for me, is a reunion. Uniting Nigeria with Africa, and the whole world, through music, style, art. Helping us unite through our common interests - it's very refreshing".
Odunsi, The Engine

Homecoming Voices: Santi (2018)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet the rapper Santi
Another Alté star in the spotlight is Santi. With his 2019 album Mandy & the Jungle, Santi reached an expanding global audience.

Santi (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

"Alté is just expressing yourself freely in your own manner, in your own form. It's being yourself."

Homecoming Voices: Wavy The Creator (2018)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet musician Wavy the Creator
"Right now it's like a light is being shined on Nigeria as a whole. We have the culture, we have the art, so it's just about making sure we keep putting out that content, making sure it reaches as much people as it can."

Wavy The Creator (2018)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

"Embracing and owning your culture is one of the greatest things, and also being able to adapt and learn new cultures to bridge that gap."
Wavy the Creator

Modus Vivendii (2019)Original Source: Homecoming Festival

Meet fashion designers and dj's Modus Vivendii
Best known globally as fashion designers, Modus Vivendii also brings the party to the stage as Vivendii Sound - playing the freshest international rhythms.

Modus Vivendii onstage (2019) by @deeds_artOriginal Source: Homecoming Festival

"Keep pushing yourself to learn, keep creating, keep fighting and enjoy the bloody journey."
Olatokunboh Badiru, Modus Vivendii

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