8 Love Lessons from Art History

The art of love...

Take some tips in the art of love from these paintings of lovers and loved ones from across art history.

1. French Rococo artist Jean-Honoré Fragonard, reminding us that sometimes we fall in love at first sight, and sometimes not...

Blind-Man’s Buff, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, 1750 - 1752 (The Toledo Museum of Art)

2. Dan Dailey's glass sculpture, reminding us that the way to a lover's heart is through her stomach...

Romance, Dan Dailey, 1988 (Huntington Museum of Art)

3. Spanish Modernista painter Santiago Rusiñol, reminding us that music is the food of love...

A Romance, Santiago Rusiñol, 1894 (Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya - MNAC, Barcelona)

4. This London mural by Banksy, reminding us that public displays of affection can sometimes be a good thing...

Mural by Banksy (Global Street Art Foundation)

5. Dutch portraitist Frans Hals, reminding us that married couples can have fun too...

A Couple, probably Isaac Abrahamsz Massa and Beatrix van der Laen, by Frans Hals (Rijksmuseum)

6. Russian artist Maria Zagorskaya, reminding us that two heads are better than one...

Tenderness, Maria Zagorskaya (The Nikolay Ostrovsky state museum)

7. Contemporary painter Wang Xingwei, reminding us that relationships are about helping one another grow... and that they also need a bit of maintenance!

Untitled (Watering Flowers), Wang Xingwe (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art) 

8. Kahlo's pink kiss on a photograph of Diego Rivera, reminding us that the simplest gesture can transform any image into a work of art.

Diego Rivera (in his studio at San Angel), photographic print sealed with Frida Kahlo's kiss (Museo Frida Kahlo)
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