sound of the wind

Following the wind, hail falls in a sudden burst — passing quickly by; then again, from between the clouds, spills light from the moon.  -Kyōgoku Tameko-

Painting, more than any other art, presents itself as an entirety. Every part of a painting is all there at once . . . and everything stays put within the frame. -David Martin-
The more we know about literature and history, the more we can master the significance of a visual work. -Federico Zeri-
the artist's inner freedom is the impulsive, unaccountable flow of the pencil and brush, of images and ideas; verve, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and naturalness are its outward signs. -Meyer Schapiro-
The elements of a painting are not presented successively, as with the sound after sound of music or the word after word of literature. This "all-at-onceness" frees our perception from any sense of compulsion. -Lee Jacobus-
I'm making points about my time, about the times we live in. My work is a social document about the world today. -Alexander McQueen-
Before our very eyes . . . garments became image rather than object, pixelated and broadcast worldwide within seconds. -Alexander Fury-
Art is a basic metaphor for all social freedoms . . . it should be a true means, in daily life, to enter and transform the power fields of society. -Joseph Beuys-
It is through our subjectivity that we grasp reality. -Michel Leiris-
Beauty is within. "Light is the skin of painting, the quivering epiderm secretly related to our substance." -André Masson-
Glamour provides a lucid glimpse of desire fulfilled. It captures moments, not stories. It means timeless. -Virginia Postrel-
I believe only in the specific woman herself at any age, and I believe style carries all . . . and that applies to any age . . . -Diana Vreeland-
The line is the visual manifestation of my gesture; it is the acting link between my attitude and the physical world. Each time I make a line I hope to reach out to both physical world and the metaphysical world. -bill jacklin-
. . . artistically I found more personal freedom in the West. I have found the freedom to fail, to be pessimistic. -Rudolf Nureyev-
Art is a force that frees the soul and through which one can grasp certain rhythms of life and breath, which compel the individual to fall in with it, like passersby who join in a dance. -Henri Bergson-
Do you see that the eye encompasses the beauty of the whole world? -Leonardo da Vinci-
Art is a language of the body with no rules, but convinced passion. -George Segal-
Blossoms of plum perfume my sleeves with their scent, vying there for space with shafts of sparkling moonlight spilling down through the eaves. -Fujiwara no Teika-
Its sound today strikes my heart with no more force than it has before: always it laments the sad world ― this first autumn wind. -Shōtetsu-
Mankind and man's world: think of them and you wonder ― how many ages, how many changes have brought us to this moment we call "now?" -Kyōgoku Tameko-
Deep into the night the moon sinks behind the peak, just beyond my eaves; from the dark cypress groves comes the sound of storm winds. -Empress Eifuku-
No war or pestilence in history has ever stopped fashion and manners in dress from progressing and changing. It is an indomitable force to adorn and to please, to change and to create. -Diana Vreeland-
There is no place outside of the cruel world to hide oneself away, but escape can still be found within one's own heart. -Yoshida Kenkō-
Pure with starlight, the midnight sky clears after a light snow; high in the tops of the trees I hear the passing wind. -Emperor Fushimi-
The mind moveth with the ten thousand things: Even when moving, it is serene. Perceive its essence as it moveth on, And neither joy nor sorrow there is. -Manura-
Na vāsanair bhidyate cit na cittaṁ nāsanaiḥ saha, Abhinnalakshanaṁ cittaṁ vāsanaiḥ pariveshtitaṁ. The Laṅkāvatāra
With a sound of wings, a crow passes by above me, crying out just once — with the sky over my eaves now entirely clear of clouds. -Emperor Hanazono-
The bamboo shadows are sweeping the stairs, But no dust is stirred: The moonlight penetrates deep in the bottom of the pool, But no trace is left in the water. -Siddhārtha Gautama-
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