nonobjective art

In this exhibition, I have chosen the theme Nonobjective Art. Nonobjective Art is art with no intention to represent a person, place, or thing. It has been produced to take nothing from reality, but appreciate beauty in the purest way. Throughout my exhibition, I selected 7 examples of artwork that were not only Nonobjective, but stimulating and eye catching to a viewer.

This particular piece by Byoungho Kim is an example of nonobjective art. He emphasizes that communication is the fundamental quality in his work and describes is sculptures as nonobjective. Not only is his work visually stunning, but he creates no actual representation in this piece.
This particular piece by Rebecca Morris is another example of nonobjective art. Rebecca had no intention of creating a person, place, or thing but focuses on the creative process and her principle of improv.
Although Rebecca Morris uses traditional aspects when painting, I chose this piece because it is another example of artwork with no intention. Even though there are several shapes, lines, different patterns, and even different colors going on, there is no particle thing that may come in mind when looking at this piece other than random objects.
Contrary to the previous piece, this piece by Rebecca Morris has not as many lines, shapes, colors, or patterns going on. Although it is a darker and scarier image, It is represented as nonobjective because it has no intention to represent a person, place, or thing.
This piece by Rebecca Morris does not have as many shapes, colors, lines, or patterns going on, but compared to the previous painting, it is clearly a brighter and not at scary looking painting. Although it does not represent a particular thing, it is represented as nonobjective because of its instinctive qualities.
Rebecca Morris continued to have several pieces of artwork that were nonobjective including this one. Although there is more color and shape in this painting, it still has no representation of a particular scene.
This piece of artwork is considered a nonobjective piece because is does not represent any idea or object. It is all different shapes. colors, lines, sizes, etc.
Lastly this image is another example of a nonobjective piece. There it nothing represented as a scene or particular thing; therefore, it is nonobjective. It is similar to being abstract.
Credits: All media
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