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This gallery contains different views of Christ though the eyes of art from different regions of the world. In this gallery Christ is viewed in different forms of art. From a bust to a beautiful painting with unique styles and different cultural backgrounds. All with the love and belief in Jesus Christ. 

This sculpture shows Jesus after his cleansing, and crowned with his wreath of thorns. His crown has holes to hold real thorns giving it an even more realistic look. Jesus' face shows a dreary look as he prepares to face death. His eyes are heavy from exhaustion. The dimensions of this piece is 60.3x59.7x26 cm, and is apart of the Italian culture.
This bronze piece shows Jesus on the cross. By his side is the Virgin Mary, John, and Mary Magdalene crying and kneeling at the base of the cross. The artist emphasized the close relationship between Jesus and his mother through their eye contact. The artist also depicts the great sorrow being felt by John and Mary Magdalene. The artist Francesco Mochi used the clouds to form depth. The dimensions of this Italian piece are 54x26 cm and made from Gilt bronze.
This sculpture is mixed with Corpus Flemish and Cross French culture. The figure is made of boxwood and brass with Gilt bronze mounts and is 48.3x45.7 cm in physical dimensions. Jesus is shown with his head dropped onto his chest and his eyes are closed. The body of Vhrist is shown stretched and the boxwood is polished to a reddish brown color. His outstretched arms show the pain and suffering that Jesus endured. This piece of work was probably used in a private chapel or church to rest on the altar.
In this beautiful oil paintings, Saint Catherine of Siena is looking up to the Virgin Mary with her hands in prayer form. The Virgin Mary is shown starring at her son Jesus, and Saint John the Evangelist looks as if he shows remorse to the onlookers for the passing of Jesus Christ. In the background of this painting, the Italian touch can be seen with a winding river and a town that stretches across the background. The artist Marco Pino, also paints an incredible sunset to cap of this beautiful piece of work.
This delicate painting, which was done n a copper sheet, shows Jesus with his parents and maternal grandparents. Jesus appears to be glorified by a star and gracing his family with his right hand. This is shown by a glowing symmetrical outline around his head. This delightful piece is w415xh450 in physical dimensions and was created ica 1700-1730.
Juan Rodriguez Juarez painted this oil piece on wood. The artist shows Jesus teaching in a house of worship. He calls out to a very sick woman, and Jesus promises to heal her. One of the members of the house is shown trying to discourage Jesus from healing because it was an offense to heal on Saturdays. The woman is shown kneeling on the right side of Jesus. This painting is w1540xh2560 and created around 1000.
The artist Jacob Khol created this beautiful oil painting between 1780-1782. The dimensions of this piece is w1050xh1590 and depicts a woman of guilt kissing the feet of Jesus in forgiveness of her sins. Jesus is shown teaching others about their sins and his ability to forgive and heal. The face of the woman kissing the few of Jesus shows remorse, while the other onlookers are engaged in the eyes of Christ showing their full attention.
This oil on canvas piece was created by Edouard Manet in 1865. It shows Jesus being mocked by a few of the soldiers. It shows Jesus in a defenseless state where he can no longer determine his own fate. They gave him a thorne crown and covered him with a purple robe. The soldiers appear hesitant as they surround the pale body of Jesus Christ.
This painting was created in 1342 by Ambrosia Lorenzetti. It was created for the altar of St. Crescents in the Duomo of Siena. It shows Christ as the Redeemer by the prophetess Anna and by Simon who holds a child in his arms. The original title of this piece was called Presentation di Geso al tempo and the dimensions are w1680xh2570.
This painting ws created by an artist named Joan Gasco from Spain in 1513. This piece shows the bloody head Jesus Christ with his crown of thorns and a have chain around his neck. His bloodshot eyes are meant to emphasize the pain and suffering, and the struggle that Jesus endured by the soldiers. They force the observer to stare deep into the eyes of Christ and feel his pain.
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