the band played all night long and There was not a dry eye in the house

We examine the beauty of musical influences in a variety of artistic styles from the 20th and 21st Century.  There is great deal of expression that can be demonstrated from a musical instrument. From masterful teachers to jazz legends to sheer undiluted joy, we engage our ears to imagine the sounds that the artists heard as they created their vision. 

A teacher and his students. The coloring of the figures is what caught my eye first. There are some beautiful earth tones presented here. The work is simple but in a great way.
We see a guitar but we also see the body of woman. The geometric shapes shown here entice the eye to find both human and man made objects. The unity of the colors enhances the composition.
We find a work dedicated to a classic musical composition. The shapes echo nature with the texture feeling both smooth and harsh at the same time. Droplets of water dance upon the mushroom-like top. Striking use of color.
The tribesman expresses himself with his native instrument. The lines present straight but soft curves. The colors recall the jungles of Dayak's native Indonesia and Borneo.
The colors imitate 1960's psychedelia. Natural blues and greens combine with oranges, reds and yellows to imitate childhood play. There is remarkable use of positive space to enhance the image especially around the drummer's head.
A variety of shapes reveal themselves, each childlike and carefree. The work suggests harmony among all shapes. Each color unifies with another creating harmony so needed in our world today.
We see an exquisite rainbow of colors. Every important color is referenced here. The tones exemplify childhood innocence. The lines of the characters are young yet a maturity is also present.
Master clarinetist Goodman keeps it jazzy here. The style is familiar yet unique to many today. Bouche uses blacks very effectively to amplify the earth tones as well as the tuxedo. The fading purple and brown are simply divine.
We are reminded of a musical factory here. The veritable symphony of colors dazzle the eyes. The use of red contrasts nicely with yellow to force the colors to pop at the viewer. The entire work is easy to follow; unity at its best.
The soul is alive with the power of music. The notes dance off the canvas with rich colors and masterful blending especially on the subject's face. Lines are organic and "breathe". This is a study in world-class chalk art.
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