Justin bigon military art museum

In this museum, ten of my favorite pieces of art that relate to the military are included. Each piece has a few words about it and why it included in the museum. The museum has paintings and photographs from all eras and military sectors foreign and domestic. 

This painting was done by a man named Sidney Nolan (1917-1992) with alkyd on hardboard as his medium. It was part of a 252 piece donation to the Australian War Museum in1977 on the Gallipoli tragedy.
This is a painting on a Time magazine cover in the year 1980. Time Life published this magazine with a burning oil drum that is cut almost in half to symbolize the Iran-Iraq war.
This piece is a photograph that was taken in the 1960's during the Vietnam war. Life magazine included this picture in 1969 of two soldiers fighting. The troops are green beret Special Forces soldiers
The is a United States Marine Corps recruitment photo from 1917 by Sidney H. Reisenberg. Depicted in this photo is a Marine in a dress blue uniform marching in front of a naval ship at Scollay Square.
This painting by Dutchman George Hendrik Breitner is of military subjects and Amsterdam city life. The artist always had the subjects charging at the viewer. The medium is wooden frame oil and canvas
This 1882 painting called military funeral is by Dutchman Isaac Israels. Depicted is a burial proceedings of an ordinary soldier who was actually the artists father Jozef. Jozef died of natural causes
This oil painting called Gassed from 1919 was composed by John Singer Sargent. This image depicts British Royal Army soldiers from WW1 during the aftermath of a mustard gas attack.
This is an 1877 portrait of Rutherford B. Hayes during the Civil War. The artist named William Gail Browne used oil on artists board and later acknowledged receiving $200 in exchange for the portrait.
This photograph from the June episode of Time Life magazine in 1945 shows all of the most prestigious medals from the United States Armed Forces in the 1940's,the Medal of Honor and Purple Heart among
This Time Life photograph in Black and White print depicts funeral proceedings of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945. The US flag draped over FDR as military and police escort the body.
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