The color of religion: Christian art of the renaissance (Joshua hartman)

This art gallery displays the use of different colors and balance in Christian artwork during the Renaissance Era. 

Christ Crucified Between the Two Thieves is lacking color, but has light and dark shading. The outside is dark surrounding Christ, which is in the center of the painting. The lighter intensity is in the center of the painting with Christ being in the center of the painting, with everything around him. Everything in the painting is balanced around Christ being the center piece of the artwork.
Adam and Eve also lacks in primary colors, but show strength in the light and dark light. The use of the white light on the inside of the objects in the painting seems to be the way the artist wanted the viewer to see the objects, with the outside of the objects is where the darker more black light is being used, to outline the objects and give them shape. The painting is well balanced with everything in proportion, with all the objects being well mixed in the art. The Lack of color is okay, since there is use of the space with black and white light.
Christ and the Adulteress uses dark light on the outside of the painting surrounding the woman. The woman in the painting is at the center of the art, with everything balanced around her. The use of light pinkish white color on her skin and Christ's skin make them stick out in the painting, since everything else is dark black or brown surrounding them. The use of light pink on Christ's clothes makes him stick out the most in the art. The painting has balance, every object and texture in the painting has good spacing and size.
The artist in this painting makes use of a blue, green, and pinkish white colors. The Christ being of light white pink color and light makes him stick out the most in the painting. The two angels both have different colors one being blue and one being more red, on each side of christ, drawing more attention to the center. The Sky also has a nice hue of blue to add more color to the painting. The artist made use of primary colors in this painting since its a more realistic painting. The objects are well balanced with everything surrounding christ in the middle of the painting.
This painting also makes use of primary colors or a mixture of them. The color of the people in the painting are not as light as others of this time, with them having a more darker brown hue to them, making them look tan. Every object in this painting is well balanced in size and shape. The artist used natural colors for the natural elements in the painting, and used light colors for the peoples clothes, giving them soft appearance among the rest of the elements.
The people in this painting are small compared the background scenery. The artist used primary colors in this painting such as shades of red, blue and green. The clothes on the people are typically the colors used on others in other paintings of this time, using light yellows and blues. The skin of these people in the painting have a pinkish white light color to them making them stick out. You can see christ in the background lightly colored and almost blending in to the hillside.
Christ is in the center of this painting with light white color to his skin making him stick out amongst the darker background. The people around christ have primary color in their clothing such as red, green, and blue. These were the colors used mostly in that time period for clothing. All the things in this painting are well sized, and shaped around Christ on the cross. Everything is symmetrical and proportional to all the other objects.
This painting contains primary colors such as red, blue, and green. Use of green in the forest is typical for this time period giving a more natural feel. The colors of the clothes remain the same as most art of this day being light shades of pink, and yellow. The painting has good shape and all the shapes are of proportion and size.
This painting makes use of dark light all around christ. The main focus is of christ in the center of the painting having a light blue light color to this skin, similar to the sky in the background. The balance in this painting is around christ being in the center, similar to most painting of this kind in this era. The shape of christ is longer and more narrow than a natural shape of human.
The use of primary colors is seen in the clothes of the angels, and christ. A mixture of the primary colors gives christ's clothes a pink color, and use of the primary yellow color for one of the angels is seen. The people are well balanced with the objects in this painting. The Forest is not of natural color, with it being a dark light more than a green color, as seen in other paintings of this time. Christ is the at the center of this painting, as seen in most of the paintings of him.
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