Purple haze

Purple is one of Brittany Iriarte's favorite colors. So it seemed fitting to do a whole gallery on my favorite color. Purple Haze is a term referred as slang for LSD or purple cannabis but it is also a reference to dreams. Personally when I see abstract art I can't tell what it means so, I did a gallery on the weird and undefined art of the color purple.

This painting captures the perfect time of the sun set. The purples and pinks blend in nicely as the sun sets on the park. When I first saw this picture, I realized there was a bench. My eyes were drawn to find meaning to this picture.
Green and purple mix well with each other giving accents to the other colors. The lines in the front give the painting a more vertical feel, as the boxes in the back give it a nice horizontal depth.
The picture of flowers gives it a weird psychedelic feel to my gallery. This piece stands apart from other art pieces in the gallery because, the view isn't sure what is going on. The flowers seem to be growing but, they aren't normal flowers.
This purple is the eye popping center piece of the art. The viewers eyes are drawn right into the purple because that color pops the most off the page. Viewers don't even notice the cat first because of the eye popping color.
This picture doesn't seem the same from the rest of the gallery because, I believe it is the most abstract. The haziness of the art leaves people wondering if the art is going up or down. Does the view understand if this art makes them happy or in misery?
Most viewers would look at this painting and assume its night because of the purple tint in the back ground. The NightLife of the harlem renaissance was the main house for this piece.
The sky in the piece is so painted on beautifully that one can almost touch the sky if they were there. This is another perfect example of how green and purple compliment each other.
This art blow me away. The picture is very cool. The pop of colors make the art interesting. Almost to the point where the views can't even tell its a plane that was made.
This is some of the weirdest art I've seen because its not abstract but the viewer doesn't know whats going on. The figures are weird and the purple helps them stand out. This is the perfect piece for my gallery.
The haziness is very abstract. The purple makes up the sky. There is a creature coming forward that looks like a dog. To me this picture remind me of a dream with the unsure lines and obscure background.
Credits: All media
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