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Christ, His-Story takes a look back at Christ life on earth, his birth, development, death and resurrection. In the artwork contained in this gallery we will be able to see and experience the above-mentioned aspects of the existence of the Christ on earth. His purpose in saving mankind. His quest to restore true worship and his suffering in the process of his crucifixion.

In image we are able to see the representation of John the Baptist baptising Jesus, who is wearing nothing but a white robe which in my eyes represents purity. When I look at this piece in terms of lines and space I can appreciate and openness of the area giving that it is a river on the open in daylight. You can't help but to get drawn in by the dove descending from heaven and on its background that yellow color depicting the sun in a bright yet dense shade. The dove is representative of the holly Spirit as biblical scripture would have it.
This work depicts the scene of Jesus's birth as describe in the bible. It shows animals on the stable and a very humble beginning for the King of the world. The space is very small where one can fit three people. As shown in the image you can see Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus and they fill the space presented to us. You can also see some people walking by.
This image depicts the biblical scene when Jesus comes to the temple and is brought to righteous anger as he sees what the temple has become, a market place or a house of trade as it is written in the bible in the book of John 2:16. The image show Jesus whipping people out of the temples outer curt. The woman shown with Jesus has a pigeon on her hand to show the reality of what was taking place, we can also see some others in the background with merchandise that they were likely selling. To be honest the detail and emotion shown in this image gives me a sensation of the place being overcrowded and it being a loud place, typical of a market.
During the process of Jesus being sentenced to die on the cross and beaten by the Romans, they mocked him in his affirmation of being the King of the Jews and here we are able to see what biblical scripture says in reference to the crown of thorns.They also spited on him and hit him on the head and took off his clothes as biblical scriptures says according to Matthew 27:35.
Here we are able to see a Jesus being presented to Pilate. The first thing that cut my eyes is the darkness surrounding the picture as it is written in biblical scripture that the apprehension of Jesus happened during the late hours of the night as he was first brought to the High priest first, the father of the law Caiaphas, who then sent brought Jesus to Pilate.
This image depicts the condemning of an adulteress as she was brought before Jesus that he may condemn her for her sinful act. We can see the angry man and soldiers getting ready to stone the woman as it was written in the low it should be done to a woman found in such sinful act. You can see the stones on the hands of some of the men and a boy with a small bag fill with stones. We can appreciate her shame as some of her intimate organs are showing, but you can also see the expression on Jesus's face as to say, how can you do this. We know by scripture what Jesus says at the end of this scene as he confronts all with the words, he who is free of sin, let him cast the first stone.
This image depicts a sadden Mary Magdalene at the feet of her master. Mary was the one (prostitute) who brought her alabaster box and broke it to anoint the feet of Jesus. Here we see her at his feet. The dark colors around them expresses sorrow and the skull on the ground represents death. The artist wanted to express in my understanding just that, death and the sadness it produces in people.
Here we are able to appreciate Jesus pulling peter from the sea. The biblical story says that Peter saw Jesus walking on water and so did Peter for a few before getting scared and sinking as he looked at the strong waves which we can see here. The movement of the waves show how rough they were, also if you look in the background of the image we will see a picture of distress as the other disciples also experience the tough conditions of the sea.
This Image depicts the washing of the feet performed by Jesus to the Apostles. According to Scripture Jesus did this to show and let them know that he came to serve and not to be served, that the greatest is him who serves others as biblical scripture shows in the book of John, chapter 13:17. It is good to point out that the artist also took his time to draw haloes around their heads which represents their holiness and or their divinity according to late Roman Imperial Art according to Stokstad, Marilyn, Michael Cothren in, Art: A Brief History, 5th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 11/2011.
This image depicts the moment when Jesus resurrects and appears to Mary Magdalene as biblical scripture recount in John 20:11-18, Mary was crying, sobbing when she saw two angels at the tomb, but not the body of the master. Biblical scriptures says that even when she saw Jesus she did not recognize him, but after she heard his voice she knew it was him, to what he told her not to hold him yet for he had not yet ascended to the father which is exactly what is going on on the image, it is that very moment being shown.
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