Color Diversity in art

Sorting through and looking at the different art works from the different museums of the world, I was amazed from the all the beautiful art works around the world. The reason I chose these art works for my gallery is because of there uniqueness, vibrant color, and also there are some if them that I can relate to. 

In this painting what caught my attention was the colors and the way it is painted above the picture.
What made me chose this painting is that it has odd and interesting elements in the painting. Imaginative creatures with odd personalities.
I like the delicate texture and also the colors of this painting that make the picture so sweet and soft.
As well I like the delicate colors and the wavy patterns. Although it does not hardly have any colors, it is simply and that's what makes it simply and beautiful.
I like this painting because it has like a vintage look and even though it does not have too much color there still in it that stand out.
What I like this painting is that within the painting it has other painting in marks, and these have different forms, shapes; there're very versatile.
I like the originality of the picture and the clothes. It is a very interesting and unique photo.
Like the previous picture, I like the costume worn by the men. I like the color, the patterns and rhythm it has.
This is a very abstract painting; however I do not like abstract painting because I think they're really complicated this one look's like the city of New York but from further away which its really interesting.
The reason I chose this picture or painting is because I admire Marilyn Monroe. I really like some of her quotes and all the picture because she is always smile. Also because she although she had a lot of thing going in her life, she always smiled.
The reason I chose the painting is because it tells a realistic story that it is recently going on in the island of Puerto Rico. People fight, but instead of verbal fight; people use guns and other thing to solve the problems.
The "Horizons" painting for me it has texture and such beautiful shapes. I like the watery paint in the background.
Shells are just beautiful and specially when they shine like these one's. However, I think that is a very amazing art.
Credits: All media
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